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Still Water

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Still Waters 7-12-14

Water levels in most of our irrigation reservoirs to the southeast are dropping as irrigation draw-down goes on. This means warming water temps and therefore slower fishing (early mornings may be best). Daniels Reservoir seems least impacted by this action and offers the best fishing of all these. Same as in our last report: fish the outer edges of the mud line when winds make for wave action. Look for the best fishing to be at the top end of the reservoir. Use your favorite damselfly nymph pattern, try midge pupa patterns under an indicator, or a damselfly adult pattern if you see mating and egg-laying flies in action.  Both the Harriman Fish Pond and Springfield Reservoir are weeding up, but fishing the channels between weeds with such as dry damselfly or speckled dun patterns can be productive.


Still Waters 7-8-14

With waters beginning to warm (around 67 deg. F at Daniels Reservoir), drop (Chesterfield, Hawkins, and 24-Mile Reservoirs) or moss up (Springfield, and Treasureton Reservoirs) fishing for warm water species might be an enjoyable alternative. Condie Reservoir offers good bass fishing. Twin Lakes offers bluegills, crappie, and bass action. Johnson and Lamont Reservoirs offer bluegill action.  If you want to continue trout fishing, Daniels offers your best bet. Stick to the upper end with a boat and present damselfly nymph patterns. If you see damselfly adults mating and laying eggs and rises, switch to your favorite adult  pattern. Also when wave action gets going walk the east side shore line and fish the outer edge of the mud slick with wooly bugger types.


Still Water 7-1-14

Chesterfield Reservoir has been drawn down by about a third because of irrigation demands. This has warmed remaining water there and therefore hurt fishing some, even though damselflies are mating and laying eggs. Fishing at Daniels Reservoir is much better than at these two. Damsel adults are going great guns here. Midge pupa at the taking depth under an indicator work well, too.


Still Waters 6-24-14

Some of our still waters are not at their peak of best fishing yet. This includes Chesterfield, Springfield, Twenty-Four Mile Reservoirs and the Harriman Fish Pond which are producing, but not at their best.  Things will pick up when damselflies are egg laying and mating making dry damselfly patterns just the ticket.   The road to Horseshoe Lake is open. FYI: the water level at Twenty-Four Mile is dropping, but not yet to the point where mud flats are a big problem.


Still Waters 5-27-14

Reservoirs to the southeast are picking up with respect to fishing.  The upper end of Daniels Reservoir (near inlet and around dead trees) is producing for those trying midge pupa patterns under an indicator. Just find the taking depth. Damselfly and small leech patterns also work here. Try leech patterns in Hawkins Reservoir where fish are cruising just in front of the dam. Damselflies are starting to fly and mate at Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir.   Fish are in the shallows at Chesterfield Reservoir where midge pupa patterns under an indicator and leech patterns are producing.


Stillwater 5/6/14

With the warmer weather we had last week, fishing has picked up on area lakes/reservoirs. Most, if not all lakes have turned over and water quality will continue to improve as the weather does. We have good reports from Blackfoot, Chesterfield, and Daniels this week. Daniels is still probably the most consistent, but Chesterfield and Blackfoot offer you a better shot at a big dog. Concentrate on the upper end of Daniels fishing with various chironomid pupa (summer duck pupa, black sally, chromie) and bloodworms (holo worm sz10) has been good.Fishing with a sinking line has been producing nice fish as well. I would be fishing a black CB, California Leech, or an Olive Mohair Leech.  Chesterfield seems to have woken up a little with a few reports of some real big fish showing up lately. The fish are most likely going to be scattered so cover some water until you find an active group of fish. Fishing an intermediate or type III Line (depending on how deep you are) would be a good bet. A black CB, Olive CB, or Black Mohair leech would be my first picks.  Blackfoot Reservoir has also been fishing really well lately. Blackfoot is usually not a great place if your into lots of fish, but there are some really nice fish in there if you put some time in. The key up there has been covering lots of water. Fishing with a full sinking line and trolling, or wind drifting has been most productive. The area around the dam has been most productive, but anywhere on the reservoir could be good.

It won’t be long now before we start seeing the first Callibaetis of the year, closely followed by the damsels. Stay tuned…


Stillwater 5/2/14

It hasn’t been a great spring so far if you like to fish stillwaters. We have been blasted with wind so much over the past few weeks it almost feels like somethings wrong if its nice outside! With all the wind, area reservoirs have been churned up more then normal causing the fishing to be a little slower then we would like. The weather looks like its slowly improving, so things should really start picking up in the next week.

Chesterfield- Fishing has been a little slow so far on Chesterfield and this has to do mainly with the wind. Fishing deeper water 12+ft has been best so far with darker leech patterns (Black CB, black mohair leech, Dk. Olive Angora Leech, Brown CB, have been best) and darker chironomid pupa (black bungie buzzer, black sally, summer duck pupa). Fishing should really pick up in the next week or two.

Daniels- Daniels has been the best, most consistent fishing so far this spring. Fishing the upper end with various chironomid pupa (see Chesterfield selection) and bloodworms (holo worm sz10) has been good. For those who prefer sinking lines, fishing with darker leeches and scuds on a type II or III line have been producing as well.

Other Waters- We have not heard much this year from places like Springfield, Hawkins, American Falls, Etc…. Look for all those reservoirs to start really fishing well as the weather continues to improve. We will be sure and update this report as conditions change.


Stillwaters 4-10-14

To our knowledge, all of the reservoirs south of Idaho Falls are ice free and fish-able. The ice seemed to leave most reservoirs early this year so this should be a great year to get more early season fishing in. We don’t have a lot of reports coming in from the various reservoirs yet, but that should change quickly. We will continue to post updates as things change/improve so check back often.

Chesterfield, Daniels, Springfield Reservoirs– with rising water levels and all the wind lately, water clarity seems to vary at these reservoirs day to day. They are all fishing okay, but it may be best to focus on methods that will let you cover a lot of water. Wind-drifting with a full sinking line is a great way to cover water and find fish this time of year! Concentrate on darker leech patterns like a black/olive crystal bugger in a size 8, purple showgirl size 6, and a black or dark olive mohair leech in size 6. Concentrate on the west end of reservoirs which will be warmer than the east side and try fishing a few different depths until you find fish. Fish are scattered this time of year so covering water is the key to success. The one exception here would be Springfield where its probably still a better bet to concentrate on fishing under an indicator with midge larvae patterns (holo worm size #10, Summer Duck pupa size #12,14 and a black sally in size #12,14 would be my first choices). Larvae patterns and pupa will also fish well on Chesterfield and Daniels if you are on some fish. Things are sure to pick up as the weather continues to warm and stabilize. This can be a very hit or miss time of year but its still better than the ice fishing going on at area reservoirs the past few months!


Still Waters 3-25-14

Ice is pretty much gone from Chesterfield Reservoir, and countryside is free of snow.  Not much information is currently available on how it is fishing, but early season techniques are the best bet.  That means leech and bugger patterns and anything resembling a dragonfly nymph.  Your favorite midge pupa pattern under an indicator is always an option.  Hawkins Reservoir is also a location to consider. Same thing; try early season techniques.  Daniels Reservoir is ice free, but getting there from Hawkins Reservoir (Dairy Creek Road) is not certain, but going north out of Malad City works.


Still Waters 3/15/14

Springfield Reservoir is fishing quite well these days. Try a very slow troll for best results presenting your favorite leech pattern. Also midge hatches during early AM and evening bring fish into a feeding mode. Springfield is currently one of our few ice-free reservoirs, so expect a certain amount of boating company.