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Still Water

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Still Waters, June 30th, 2020

Chesterfield Reservoir continues to offer some of the best still water fishing in the area.  Try the upper end of Daniels Reservoir or the river channels entering Mackay Reservoir for other areas offering good fishing. Damsel fly life cycle patterns should be good bets on any of these.


Still Waters, June 2nd, 2020

If you are looking for small water tranquility, here is some information to help you decide on destinations. The Horseshoe Lake Road  (off the Cave Falls Road) is open, and rainbows and grayling are present in the lake.. The Harriman Fish Pond has easy access and has holdover rainbows.  The road to Teardrop Lake is drying out.   The Forest Service suggest letting this go to completion before  going to the lake in order to minimize ruts and chuck holes.


Still Waters, May 9th, 2020

On looking at current IDF&G still water fish stocking schedules you will see none are given. Actually stocking is being performed, but in order to minimize crowding at well stocked waters because of our nasty covid-19 presence, IDF&G is not publishing such records. Rest assured that stocking is being performed. You can approximate where current stocking is taking place by looking at IDF&G’s historic records.


Still Waters, Cinco de Mayo, 2020

Springfield Reservoir has been spotty: up one day, down the next.  Midge pupa patterns under an indicator are the best bet if a taking depth can be found. Small black or olive leech or damselfly nymph patterns can work.  Hawkins Reservoir is also “off and on” with facilities and the dam face somewhat crowded.  Chesterfield Reservoir has been slow fishing to date.  No word yet on how Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir has been treating anglers. Daniels Reservoir remains the best still water bet in the area ( try midge pupa at the taking depth, dragonfly and damselfly nymph patterns), but look out for the WIND.


Still Waters, April 25th, 2020

Daniels Res

The road from Hawkins Reservoir over to Daniels Reservoir is now open.  Good midge pupa fishing is ongoing at Daniels on finding the taking depth which varies depending on location.   Damselfly nymph and small leech patterns should work well in areas where weeds are beginning to grow.  You will see some out of state anglers here. Hopefully they have purchased fishing licenses before April 4th.

Hawkins Reservoir also offers good fishing, but social distancing at the dam, adjacent boat ramp, and nearby campground can be chancy.  Of course, no such problem exists when out on the water.  There are some flotation device launch sites, primitive as they are, along the highway paralleling the north shore.  Use the same presentation strategies suggested above for Daniels Reservoir.


Still Waters, April 10th, 2020

Daniels Reservoir currently offers good fly fishing (midge pupa at the taking depth, small leech and nymph patterns), however anglers coming from the north must access it from Malad City until the Dairy Creek Road opens. Consider that with the current suspension of non-resident fishing licenses in effect until further notice, “social distancing” will be easier to realize at Daniels.  Fewer out of state anglers also means easier parking and launching.  If traveling through Malad City is not practical for those coming from the north or east, Hawkins Reservoir a few miles west of the I-15 Virginia exit offers a good alternative using the same strategies as suggested above.


Still Waters 11-16-19

Springfield Reservoir offers the most convenient still water fishing around. It has been stocked with hatchery catchable rainbows ranging to around 18″ and has a population of holdover rainbows running to larger sizes. Midge pupa patterns under an indicator, small black or purple leeches, and fly rod jigs seem to offer the best way to encounter these.


Still Waters 10-26-19

Springfield Reservoir is offering good fishing for those presenting midge patterns under an indicator once the taking depth is found. Small black or purple leeches presented on intermediate lines also produce action. Daniels Reservoir is also producing through using the same tactics, but watch the weather before going there via the Dairy Creek Road. Crystal Springs Pond will be stocked with hatchery catchable rainbow trout next week.