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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 10-19

We got a great new wool sweater in from Patagonia. The Forage Sweater. When I saw this sweater last winter I knew it would become a favorite for our customers. It looks classy and is highly technical for fishing and can be used for hunting as well. It is just a great all around piece that we are excited to have in the shop.We carry the Forage sweater in Hunter green and Tan.



Today at Jimmy’s 10-10-12

We have a couple of great deals on some discontinued fly rods and reels in the shop right now. We are closing out the SAGE vantage and flight as well as some Lamson reels that are either discontinued or have the old finish. We are limited to stock on hand and all items will be a first come first serve gig. Items like this don’t go on sale very often so if you want something, you should act quick. Below is a list of everything we are closing out.

SAGE Vantage                                           SAGE Flight                                                         LAMSON

9′ 7wt 4pc $187.50                                9′ 6wt 2pc (3) $225.00                                        Litespeed 1 spool (3) $101.25

9’6wt 2pc (4) $168.75                           9′ 6wt 4pc $262.50                                               Litespeed 3 reel $261.75

7’6 3wt 2pc $168.50                                9′ 5wt 2pc (2) $225.00                                       Litespeed 3.5 reel $276.75

9′ 5wt 2pc (4)  $168.50                           9′ 5wt 4pc (4) $262.50                                       Litespeed 3X reel $269.25

8’6 5wt 2pc (2)  $168.50                        9′ 7wt 4pc  $262.50                                            Litespeed 3X spool $123.75

9′ 4wt 2pc  $168.50                                 8’6 4wt 4pc $262.50                                           Litespeed 3.5X spool $127.50

9′ 4wt 4pc $187.50                                  9′ 4wt 4pc (2) $262.50                                       Litespeed 4 reel $321.75

8’6 3wt 4pc $187.50                               8’6 3wt 4pc $262.50                                          ULA FS 3.4 reel $250.00

9′ 6wt 4pc $187.50                                  9′ 10wt 4pc (2) $262.50                                     Force 3.5 reel $250.00

9′ 9wt 4pc $262.50

9′ 8wt 2pc $225.00




Today at Jimmy’s

With Steelhead season just around the corner we have been getting a few new items in the shop for tying Intruders. We now have Senyo’s Intruder wire, this wire is used to attach your hook to intruders and other articulated fly patterns. This wire comes in a variety of colors and we have all of them in stock. We are also stocking the new Diiachi Intruder Hook. This is a less expensive alternative to the Gamakatsu Hooks we have been using up to this point. We carry these hooks in sizes #1-#6.

We have also got a lot of new Simms and Patagonia gear in for the fall and cold weather fishing. We also have some killer deals on items that are being discontinued. Patagonia Waders, Sage Fly rods, Simms shoes and waders. This is a great time to get a great deal on some new gear for the fall.


Today at Jimmy’s 9-27-12

We are still receiving some great new gear for the colder temperatures ahead. Our whole beanie rack is loaded with all the new hats from Simms and Patagonia and we have some new colors in jackets that we have talked about in earlier posts. One of the coolest things we have now though is the Simms Cold Weather shirt. This shirt looks like any other plaid button up, but is heavily insulated to keep you warm. This will be an awesome shirt for fishing in the fall, but also a good run around shirt to use from now until spring. This really is a great new shirt so be sure to come check it out!


On another note, we FINALLY have some dyed grizzly Euro saddles from Whiting. We have thirty six saddles (twelve each of Burnt Orange, Burgundy, and Purple). With the hair extension craze over I would anticipate these to be around for a while. There are a lot of suppressed fly tiers out there though, so if you want some you probably want to come sooner rather then later!



Today at Jimmy’s 9-25-12

We have a SWEET deal for you guys in the shop right now. We just received ten Redington “Torrent” packages in the shop today and they are awesome. The rod feels and looks just like a rod that costs twice as much. Combine that with the Surge reel and you have a great set up. The package comes with a Redington Torrent Rod (8’6 5Wt, 9′ 5Wt, and a 9′ 6Wt) Redington Surge Reel, and a travel carrying case. The whole package is valued at $365.00, but we are selling them for $249.95! If you are looking to add another rod to your arsenal, or already thinking about holiday season gift ideas, this is it!




Today at Jimmy’s 9-23-12

Here is another fly tying material Steelhead fisherman are going to love. Senyos Articulated shanks made by fish skull. These are awesome new, colored shanks that will give your steelhead patterns a new look. We have all of the colors in the shop and in stock. Come check them out!


Today at Jimmy’s 9-18-12

We just got our fall shipment from Patagonia and like always, they have some great gear out for fall. We have everything from new hats, new Nano Puff jackets for men and women, and new t shirts. We also have the Stealth hip, chest, and sling packs in the store. All of this will make great additions to your fall fishing gear so be sure to come check it out.


We also have a bunch of DVD’s that just came in. Some of these are new, some are old classics. Either way, these don’t last long in the shop!



Today at Jimmy’s 9-14-12

More new tying materials today! First off, we have four new colors of Dyed Peacock Sticks from Natures Spirit. In the past, all of the sticks we have carried have been dull in color, but the new stuff is very colorful. The new colors are yellow, red, fluorescent blue, and purple. You could use this new stuff to spice up old peacock patterns to give them a new look.


Second, we have some awesome new “frostip” rabbit strips from Hareline. All of the strips have a black base but the tips are dyed in different colors like white, chartreuse, burgandy, olive, and orange. The picture doesn’t do these strips justice, they are awesome looking! These strips will be awesome to use on all your favorite streamer patterns.


Today at Jimmy’s 9-12-12

Have you ever wanted to get into the Spey game, or maybe add a new rod to your arsenal?  Look no further, we have your answer. We have a Sage Z-axis 13’6 7wt Spey rod and an 11′ 8wt Z-axis switch rod on sale in the shop. Both rods are brand new, but discontinued so we are selling them for a great deal.  The Z-axis Spey is marked down to $595.00 from $800.00 and the Switch rod is marked at $575.00 down from $725.00!  We only have one of each so be sure to get a hold of us if you want one. We can ship the rod out if any of you out of town are interested. Give us a call (208-524-7160) or swing by the shop if you are interested.


Today at Jimmy’s 9-11-12

We just received an order from Hareline and there is some great new stuff in the shop. We have new colors of rabbit, flashabou, and a brand new product called Senyo’s Wacko Hackle that I think you guys are really going to love. It is designed to be used on steelhead flies like intruders, but in other colors it could be used on streamers and even braided out and used on smaller nymph patterns. This new material will give your flies a great new look. Check out the Steelhead flies tied with Wacko Hackle in the image below, they look awesome!

None of the other new materials we received have pictures online yet, so you will have to come in and check them out!