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Henry’s Fork, June 23rd, 2020

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Henry’s Fork, June 23rd, 2020

The big stoneflies have come and gone from the river. Straggling goldens can be around on upper sections including Coffee Pot and wind blown into the Flat Ranch section. Now the big mayfly emergence array has taken over.   Green drakes are diminishing on the lower river, but flavs, gray drakes & PMDs are taking over to be accompanied with PM caddis and a growing amount of sallies.  The trick here is to find trout’s preference at a given time then present life cycle patterns for that preference.   If you want fly-fishing company, the Box Canyon to Riverside section is for you.

The array of mayfly activity ( minus gray drakes in number) continues on the upper river.  From the top end of the Mesa Falls Scenic Highway to view towards the river looks like a massive trailer camp. The Last Chance rest stop is full of parked vehicles, and there you can hear foreign languages and English language accents from all corners of the earth. Dozens of boats will pass you by along the river during a day of fishing. All this is for good reason: this section of the river currently offers arguably the best trout fishing in the country. So be patient and considerate if you plan a visit!