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Henry’s Lake May 28th, 2020

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Henry’s Lake May 28th, 2020

The opener was a mess, typical Henry’s memorial weekend weather churned up the water and made fishing a lot slower than I’m sure it would have been in nicer conditions. Sunday and Monday things started to mellow out and folks had pretty decent fishing. There are still a fair amount of fish in the shallows all around the lake with the majority being cutthroats. We didn’t hear of many larger hyrbids caught by fly anglers, but the nicer fish we did hear of were around the Cliffs area. If I was to go up right now I’d fish it very similarly to how you would in late fall, concentrating on shallow (3-8ft) of water all around the lake with intermediate lines and darker leech patterns. You can use fairly large flies early in the season with good success so don’t be afraid to fish leech or baitfish style patterns in sizes 2-4. The upcoming weather forecast looks great and the fishing should continue to be good as the fish work their way out towards deeper water and there summer patterns.