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Still Waters 5-21-2011

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Still Waters 5-21-2011

Daniels, Hawkins, and now Springfield reservoirs offer the best fishing.  Midge pupa, any damselfly nymph imitations, and VERY small fly rod jigs are the ways to go.  Three of us tried Springfield yesterday.  Not much action until late afternoon.  Fish began midging then and taking the very few speckled duns emerging.  We had fish up to 22″, mostly from the east end.  Damselfly nymph patterns seemed to work best.  No big numbers of damselfly nymphs moving yet, but you gotta remember that they are in the water all the time and therefore available for trout to some degree.   That is why their imitations are effective even in the early season on these still waters.  We will keep up to date on how waters clear on Chesterfield and 24-Mile reservoirs. They still have run-off inflows, so when that slows these will become better fishing.