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Still Waters 5-4-2011

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Still Waters 5-4-2011

All these are improving, so get those belly-boats and pontoon boats ready!  For all these places small leech and damselfly nymph patterns as well as midge pupa under an indicator work best.  The best fishing on Chesterfield Res. is from the Toponce diversion over to the dam.  Concentrate in front of the willows and in the shallows.  At Daniels Res. try the north end.   The road over Dairy Creek  Summit is open.  At Twenty-Four Mile Res. the last 100 yards or so of the road remains snow covered.  At Hawkins Reservoir in front of the dam and parallel to the highway is best fishing.   Springfield Reservoir remains only fair fishing, looks like a warming trend will help action there.   No report on fishing at Treasureton Res yet.