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Still Waters 6-28-10

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Still Waters 6-28-10

Best fishing is at Chesterfield Reservoir. Try black & tan leeches and halloweens fairly deep and trail them with a mercury midge (size 12) about 18″ behind. Fish are taking damselfly nymphs sporadically on Daniels and Twenty-Four Mile reservoirs.   Some big trout are being caught in deeper water by the dam at Hawkins Reservoir.  Use the same set-up we described for Chesterfield.  Fishing with damselfly nymphs should pick up just about everywhere very soon now, so where ever you visit be sure to have these in the fly box.  Want to try an out of the way place safe for youngsters and holding eager fish? Paul Reservoir in Clark County west of Interstate-15 is a great candidate. Take the Humphrey Exit just this side of Monida Pass. Go under the highway , then turn right. For twelve miles you go through ranching country and high desert. You ford a couple of small streams, climb a short grade and emerge at the dam. Paul Reservoir stretches out for about a third of a mile ahead of you, and it is full of cutts ranging to 15″. ——-Have a great time!