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Still Waters 7-7-18

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Still Waters 7-7-18

Daniels Res

Daniels Reservoir is producing as well as any still water, but Chesterfield Reservoir is coming on with a few very large fish being caught.  For Daniels fish midge pupa deep with an indicator, or watch for fish taking damselflies on the surface.  Speckled dun life cycle patterns are also effective, and these should become more so in the upcoming days.  And remember that a most effective strategy on Daniels Reservoir (see the above pic?) is to fish the mud lines during our ever present windy days.  Use you favorite pattern that simulates a worm.   For Chesterfield leech patterns presented  deep or trolled seem to attract fish, but damsel fly life cycle patterns are effective in bays and such protected from the wind.  24-Mile is fishing OK with speckled dun and damselfly life cycle patterns producing.  Next year its trout will be larger.