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Today at Jimmy’s 3-15

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Today at Jimmy’s 3-15

Comments Welcome

After some consideration we have decided to open up comments to you our faithful customers on the Today at Jimmy’s post. Today at Jimmy’s has really become a blog about the shop, designed to inform you of whats going on here at the shop on a daily basis. Obviously we don’t post something everyday but we try to post several times a week. We would like to get to the point where we could post everyday but honestly my creativity is limited and I do what I can.

This part is the rules and conduct we expect. Don’t really want too but we have to talk about it, cause there is always one.  The comment section is a place for you to post positive comments and hopefully start up some conversations. It is assumed, but I need to mention that inappropriate material, language, and disrespectful behavior is not allowed in the comment section. If you violate these requests we will delete your comments and hope you will learn your lesson. We want to provide a positive atmosphere for anyone to share there feelings, ideas, and successes. Basically if its not rated G or PG its not wanted here. Jimmy and I talked about not moderating the comments, basically because we don’t want to devote the time to it. However if it gets to that point we will. So lets all get along, be adults and use this new awesome feature on the website appropriately.

Fly Tying Classes

Now that I got all the rules and expectations out of the way let me give you a heads up about whats going on at the shop. I have a couple of spots left in my beginning tying class that starts this Wednesday. I am also teaching 2 special topics classes that are coming up in April.

April 1st. Killer Bead Heads 6:30pm

This class is going to cover the nymph cycle of insects found in our local streams. We will not only tie bead head nymphs but we will be disscussing ideas on fishing nymphs, fishing set ups, and why one would use different materials for different nymphs. As always there will be some of my philosophy on fishing and little tricks and tips to help make you a better fly tier.

April 22nd. Streamers 6:30pm

This class is going to cover Streamer Flies and fishing techniques. We will be learning articulated streamers, double hook streamers and some really good patterns that simply catch fish. Also I will be covering materials and why it is important to use one versus the other for certain types of patterns.

To find out more information on our fly tying classes go to the classes page on this website or just click here. Space is limited and they are filling up fast so call the shop and get on the list right now!

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo

Classes and workshops are now available to register for at the shop. We also have ticket packages, and banquet tickets. Fly Boxes are now available to pick up. Grab yours today and fill it up with your favorite patterns so the Expo can auction it off. This is a great way to share your flies with other locals in the area and give back to an organization that works very hard to help keep our fishing spots protected.

Fly Fishing Film Tour

We are selling the tickets to the Fly Fishing Film tour this year it is going to be shown Friday night April 16th. (This is the weekend of the Expo) We have been playing teaser videos in the shop so you guys could see what will be shown at the film tour. I understand that they are going to be giving away a fly rod, a guided trip on the South Fork with yours truly, (yup some poor soul gets to listen to me for a day on the river) and some other good swag like fly lines, leaders, and fly boxes.

Tickets are $12 and available right now!

You don’t want to miss this film tour it has some really great films being featured and some great fishing footage.

Photo Gallery

We are looking to update the photos on our Photo Gallery. We like photos that portray catch and release fishing. For example if you send us a photo of a big dead fish and the background is your house, don’t plan on that photo being posted. (Unless it’s a South Fork Rainbow.) Kidding aside we want some good quality photos of your adventures on the river and lakes that you fish! We will have a featured photo every month. Send us your photos and maybe you will be our next featured photo! All types of fly fishing photos is accepted, photos of flies, fish, friends fishing, etc. Send them to [email protected]