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Today at Jimmy’s 1-10

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Today at Jimmy’s 1-10

We got a few more fly tying materials/tools in that I want to share with you all.

Jungle Cock has been somewhat hard for us to get our hands on the last few years. We now have a good supply of loose feathers from Spirit River and we are more than happy to special order a full cape for you.







The Light Saber which is a UV curing light from Spirit River is rugged and seems to be a much higher quality that what we have been seen or sold in the past. Its also under $10, which is crazy because the Clear Goo curing light from Hareline is $60.

Looking for something specific? We always do special orders on material we can get. Also we are very close on getting Krelix flash for tying the Krelix minnow. More to come on that topic later.