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Today at Jimmy’s 4-09

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Today at Jimmy’s 4-09

Shop Talk

We got a new shipment of trout beads. We have received some new Simms Fishing shirt and have a sale on them right now. Buy one selected Simms fishing shirt and you receive a Redington long sleeve sun shirt for free. Its a great deal come in the shop and check it out.

I posted this in the South Fork Fishing report and feel I need to post it here as well:

If you don’t like catching whitefish and you find yourself in a whitefish hole, just move. The trout and whitefish are not mixed this time of year and the trout are not as active as the whitties. I have been hearing a lot of customers tell me that people are killing whitties by throwing them on the bank. Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler does not encourage this type of behavior! Whitefish have just as much right to be in the river as Cutthroat because they are native fish. Whitties are not competitive with trout, they just happen to eat the same food and are actually considered a part of the trout family.  You will be ticketed and fined if you are caught by fish and game doing this. I can’t imagine any of our customers would think of doing this but we have had enough customers come in and talk about it I felt I needed to talk about it.

Most of us view whitefish as a trash fish, but they deserve the same respect as trout. Sure they don’t fight as hard and are easy to catch, but they eat the same thing as trout, they taste good and also indicate a healthy river system. You can actually have fun catching whitties try sight fishing to them, try getting them on a streamer…they eat those! Try catching the big ones you see swimming on the bottom. If we can bring ourselves to chase Carp, why do we turn our nose up at Whitefish? If you have something to say about this post comment on it.


The fly fishing expo is next week. Come say hi at our booth. We will have selected Flies on sale from Rainey’s Fly Company, and some of our new fly tying product displayed that we have mentioned in previous posts.