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Today at Jimmy’s 5-3-13

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Today at Jimmy’s 5-3-13

Now that the temperature is starting to rise, I wanted to show you guys an awesome shirt we are carrying to keep cool this summer out on the water. The new shirt is from a company called ” FreeFly” and it is made out of bamboo. You read right, bamboo! I thought it sounded crazy but after fishing in this shirt for the past couple months, I can tell you this is one of the best fishing shirts I have ever worn. The shirt fits perfect, not too loose or too tight and breathes incredibly well.  There is so much to like about this shirt but here is some information directly from FreeFly;

  • Moisture wicking = a light yet strong material that keeps skin dry
  • Thermal regulating fabric = keeps body temperature a few degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Antibacterial/Anti-odor = bamboo fibers naturally resists trapping odors, due to a unique bacteriostatis agent found in bamboo called “bamboo kun” (which means NO more worrying about smelling like campfire smoke the morning after)
  • Anti-itch = bamboo material is soft and non-irritating (even to sensitive skin!) due to the smooth structure of its fibers
  • Antistatic = bamboo material naturally eliminate the buildup of static electricity
  • Biodegradable = bamboo material can be broken down in a reasonable amount of time, decomposing back into a natural element
  • Environmentally Sustainable = bamboo is grown without using pesticides, thus does not pollute ground water or air (also, bamboo forests serve as carbon sinks, a very useful tool with climate change)
  • Breathable = the structure of bamboo fibers make bamboo fabrics more breathable than cotton, hemp, wool or synthetic fabrics


As you can see this is a sweet shirt and one worth checking out! We have a bunch of different colors and each shirt has our logo on the back. Come by the shop and check them out!