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Today at Jimmy’s 9-14-12

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Today at Jimmy’s 9-14-12

More new tying materials today! First off, we have four new colors of Dyed Peacock Sticks from Natures Spirit. In the past, all of the sticks we have carried have been dull in color, but the new stuff is very colorful. The new colors are yellow, red, fluorescent blue, and purple. You could use this new stuff to spice up old peacock patterns to give them a new look.


Second, we have some awesome new “frostip” rabbit strips from Hareline. All of the strips have a black base but the tips are dyed in different colors like white, chartreuse, burgandy, olive, and orange. The picture doesn’t do these strips justice, they are awesome looking! These strips will be awesome to use on all your favorite streamer patterns.