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Small Streams

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Small Streams 5-17-14

Flow out of Blackfoot River Reservoir has been increased to answer downstream irrigation demands. The flow at the Shelley gage, near the mouth of the canyon, has gone from around 200 cfs to 555 cfs in the last two days and likely will go higher. This will put an end to the best fly-fishing on the river below the dam as high and varied flows will be the norm until October.

Run-off in the Willow Creek drainage is nearly over. This will make Willow Creek good fishing, however its tributaries will not open to fishing until July 1st.


Small Streams 5-3-14

Flow out of Blackfoot River Reservoir Dam is still very low.  The Shelley gage miles downriver remains around 90 cfs.   Caddis life cycle, streamer and wooly bugger variations  will bring action.This flow means good fishing, but you had better hurry if you are considering a visit here because any day irrigation demands will raise the river to levels that will make fishing much more difficult.  We will report here when flows out of the dam increase.


Small Streams 4-22-14

We just learned that the way to Blackfoot River Reservoir via the Bone road is now open. This opens up a quicker way from the upper valley to enjoy carp and trout fishing in the reservoir and trout in the river immediately below. Right now the river below the reservoir is at its early season best (around 100 cfs). It will remain this way until irrigation demands significantly increase flow out of the reservoir. We will watch flows and report here when they increase to the point of impacting fly fishing in a negative manner.

We fished the river several miles below the dam yesterday afternoon going by way of the Wolverine Road and on a few miles up the Blackfoot River Road to a stretch of public land.  Water was clear and around 54 deg. F. at late afternoon. A blanket caddis emergence was on-going, with fish, mostly whitefish and juvenile cutthroat, rising to pupa in the upper water column and egg-laying adults.  A few larger cutthroat responded to bead head peacock leeches (#10). All fish landed appeared to have been feeding and with full stomachs most likely because of the abundant available caddisflies.


Small Streams 3-22-14

The lower end of the Blackfoot River Road is passable meaning part of the lower Blackfoot River is accessible. Private land is present here, and the far (south) bank of the river is on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.  But there are state and BLM lands where access to the river is available. What is the best way to find which land is open to river access?  Go to the Idaho Falls Visitor’s Center, 425 N. Capitol Ave., and purchase, then study BLM maps of the area.  Currently low flow is present here.  Midge life cycle patterns, your favorite bead head nymphs in smaller sizes, and small streamers will get you into action once you reach the river.


Small Streams 3/15/14

The catch and release season applies to many small streams in our area. Check current regulations to see which.  Now that winter is about over, access to many of these waters is freeing up. So before run-off gets going big time, consider visiting some of those open to catch and release fishing.   You are sure to find a better measure of solitude than on our more popular waters.


Small Streams 11-23-13

Weather and road conditions will now limit access to many back country streams. However many more easily accessed streams will be open during the catch and release season in the Upper Snake Region. Consult current IDF&G regulations to learn which streams are open during this season.


Small Streams 10-19-13

Thanks to cooling weather and water at base level the next few weeks could be the “last hurrah” for the best of the fishing season on many area small streams.  Currently Birch Creek, Warm River, Buffalo River and Blackfoot River below the reservoir are fishing well.   All have good BWO hatches, but they can be only at specific locations on the Blackfoot River, especially during these bright days.  Look for shaded areas there such as at the base of cliffs out of the sun.  On the Blackfoot River your chances for action are better through using streamers.  Make them small (size 8-10), and look for deep runs and holes for presenting them.


Small Streams 9-21-13

We fished Big Elk Creek during yesterday’s beautiful weather. The flav hatch is winding down significantly. They made an appearance around 3 PM, and after about 45 minutes ceased. Likewise, interest from cutts on what was going by on the surface pretty much shut down when flavs ceased.  Cutts we caught looked prosperous enough.  Compare that duration in time to the hatch in early and mid August which goes on for hours. A small, light colored mayfly emerged  later with a few rises responding. We did not capture one but the  slate cream dun could be a possibility.


Small Streams 9-17-13

Some small streams will remain good fishing for several weeks to come.  These include the Palisades Reservoir tributaries, Blackfoot, Buffalo, Fall, Warm, Teton, and Warm Rivers; Birch,  Bitch, Medicine Lodge, and Robinson Creeks.  Another one to consider is Grey’s River. A Wyoming non-resident day fishing license is an affordable $15, and the river is just southeast of Alpine, Wyoming. The countryside is particularly beautiful around this classic freestone stream and Snake River fine spotted cutthroat are the only trout resident above the first few miles. The Grey’s is a PM fishery needing to warm for both insects and fish to become active.  Some caddisflies and a few flavs remain to attract trout, but terrestrial patterns are the best way to success.


Small Streams 8-24-13

In this year of diminished water supply some small streams are doing better than others. Palisades Creek and Palisades Reservoir tribs Big Elk Creek and McCoy Creek are among these. The same is for Buffalo River, Warm River and Birch Creek all of which are generously supplied with spring inflow.   Looking for a place to take a youngster or entry level person?  The Birch Creek Family Area or McCoy Creek in meadows along the road are your best bets. Both have open areas for easy access and aggressive fish although none of large sizes. Both are great dry fly streams this time of year with terrestrial patterns, caddis life cycle, and traditional attractors in small to medium sizes (#8-16) being your best bets for action.  Use a light weight rod, and you are in for a good time, and that youngster  or entry level person will have plenty of chances to learn how to hook and play fish.