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South Fork

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South Fork 12-21-09

We have had good reports of fish eating midges on the surface on the warmer days. Today and tomorrow will be nice enough to go fishing but the weather is reporting some cooler temperatures by the end of the week. During this time of year the weather is a huge indicator on how the fishing will be. Don’t wait for a good fishing report on our website to go fishing, instead listen for a good weather report. If you wait for us to report good fishing in the winter you chance might be gone. Reports of Rubberlegs and small beadhead nymphs have been successful this last week with the warm weather. Come talk to us and we will direct you to some good holes if you plan on going out.


South Fork 11-27-09

The South Fork remains open to year round fishing, so we will have occasional reports on how it is fishing.  Right now flows out of Palisades Dam have been stable for weeks at 1800 cfs.  Rely on streamers, small nymphs, rubber legs patterns and dry/emerger midge patterns for best chances of success.  When we hear of actions that impact South Fork fishing, we will pass them on here.


South Fork 11-23-09

We are still hearing reports of fish rising on midges.  Nymphing is still producing a good number of fish. Rubberlegs and bead head nymphs are a great setup.  As we continue to get deeper into the winter months don’t wait for a fishing report to go fishing. Find a good day during the week when the weather is going to be above freezing and go fishing. If you wait for a report you might miss the window of good weather and fishing for the next week or two. For any questions please call us and we will be happy to help you find a good spot to cast a fly.


South Fork 11-18-09

!!!!!!This is our official Winter Report!!!!!

As winter approaches fly fishing will become fairly slow. Slow enough that we will not be updating the fishing report as often as we do in the spring, summer and fall. We will continue to keep you updated on any changes in the river or good fishing that might happen during the winter. We want to continue to be your best source for information on fishing in our local area. The reason we don’t update the fishing report as much in the winter is because the conditions do not change. With that said successful fly fishing in the winter time is very obtainable. Many people enjoy winter fishing and find it to be very rewarding. Here are a few things that will help you be successful while fishing this winter.

Pick the right day. You will want to pick a day that will be warm. I like to use the rule of 32. If it is above 32 degrees its warm enough to fish. If the high doesn’t reach 32, fishing might not be the best option. There are exceptions to this rule but in general it is a good one to follow.

Leave the Boat at Home. Most of the boat ramps do not get plowed in the winter so it is really hard to launch your boat. The flows are very low in the winter and 3 miles will take all day to float. The fishing in the winter is only good for a few hours during the warmest part of the day. Wade fishing is very easy in the winter, focus finding fish to catch during those few hours when the fish are active. Fish pod up in the winter in the slow deep holes and the tail outs of riffles. Pounding the bank from the boat is not an effective way to catch fish in the winter.

Be Prepared! Things that go wrong on a typical summer day of fishing can be dangerous. Those same risks can be multiplied very quickly in the winter months. Hypothermia is something you would watch out for in the summer and expect in the winter! Especially if you fall while wading and take a swim. Never travel too far from the car unless you are prepared with an extra set of dry clothes, and the ability to make a fire. Its a good idea to fish with a partner, and never ever think it is safe to walk out on river ice. Once the sun goes down the temperature drops dramatically so be prepared and know when it’s time to call it a day.

Flies. Typically you will be nymph fishing in the winter. Size 8-12 rubberlegs with a beadhead nymph dropper in a size 14-20 will produce the most fish. Streamers will work but need to be presented really, really slow.

Fish become very lethargic in the winter and do not move fast. This is how the conserve energy in the winter time. However they still need to eat everyday. Winter fishing can be some of the most memorable fishing you will experience. Very small crowds on the river and lots of opportunities to see wintering wildlife. Most of the time you will be the only one on the river so be smart, because chances are no will show up to rescue you. If you have any questions on spots to fish, or winter fishing techniques call or stop in at the shop and we will be happy to assist you.


South Fork 11-14-09

Dry fly fishing on the South Fork has slowed down a fair amount. Due to the cold weather the Blue Wing Olive hatch is not coming off in the numbers that we have seen this past month. However fish are up eating midges in the slow, slow, slow water. Look for noses on the top water. Nymphing, and Streamer fishing are producing the most fish. A rubber leg with a glo bug, or a Zebra midge have been working well. Zonkers, Clouser Minnows and buggers have been producing good brown trout.

Flows have settled in at 1800 cfs. We don’t expect a change in the flows for the remainder of the winter. With the low flows, 3-5 mile floats will take all day. Wade fishing is extremely accessible right now. We recommend leaving the boat at home and wade fishing the river. Its a lot easier and there are a lot of great places to fish. I always like to carry an extra pair of clothes with me this time of year so if I fall in the river I can get dry quickly.


South Fork 11-10-2009

Flow out of Palisades Dam remains at 1800 cfs for several days now.  So conditions on the river are very stable.  Streamer fishing for browns is at its peak with low light conditions the best time to be on the river. The BWOs are going in high gear, too.  Again, PMs are best time to enjoy top water fishing for trout responding to these.


South Fork 11-03-2009

Flow out of Palisades Dam is down to 1800 cfs. The river is now a walk-in-wade paradise. Fish are concentrated, crowds are gone, and there are many, many locations to try.  Drop by the shop; we can help you decide on which ones are best.  When you decide on where along the river you will be fishing, be sure to have BWO life cycle patterns and streamers.  These are the taking flies for riffle feeding cutts and migrating browns respectively.


South Fork 10-26-09

Fishing on the South Fork is still doing well. Flows have dropped to 2500 cfs. Blue Wing Olives continue to hatch look for them in the riffles and the back eddy’s. Drifting a rubberleg and a bead head nymph under an indicator is still producing fish in good numbers. Streamers has picked up on the South Fork but remember to choose your days wisely. Overcast days are the best for hooking up with trout on streamers.


South Fork 10-19-2009

The flow out of Palisades Dam has been stable at about 3000 cfs for several days now.  Expect it to drop further.  Nevertheless, the weather is co-operating if you enjoy fishing either BWOs or streamers.  PMs will be best for the BWOs and low light conditions such as evenings, cloudy or stormy days, early mornings will be best for streamers.  Browns are beginning to migrate, so expect action if you present streamers or wooly bugger patterns.

Lost near the Lorenzo Boat Ramp: An Orvis fly rod with Orvis reel. If found, please contact  Matt Hess: 801-682-0740 or [email protected]


South Fork 10-16-09

Flows on the South Fork have remained steady at 3000 cfs. Blue Wing Olives, rubberlegs and beadhead nymphs have been producing the most fish day in and day out. There has been talk of streamer fishing during the days that are overcast and nasty. Otherwise fish them in the mornings and evenings. The river is very accessible by wading. You should find access all up and down the river. Shorter floats will take the majority of the day. We do not recommend floating the entire canyon in one day unless you have a motor. If you have any questions feel free to call us at the shop.