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Yellowstone Park

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Yellowstone Park 6-29-2011

Two great events that will be happening soon will brown drake emergences on the Gibbon River in the upper meadows and on Duck Creek.   Cold, high waters may delay or spread out the Gibbon River event, but the one on Duck Creek should be about on time.  Both are evening affairs, so have a great dinner in West Yellowstone, then head to the waters.  Expect good fishing until dark. Fishing on the Firehole River is holding up with PMDs, BWOs and white millers making for action.  For Fall River Basin enthusiasts, don’t expect the Ashton Flagg Road to be open from the Idaho side for a week or two.   Also flows in Fall River coming out of the basin are about double normal, so meadow reaches in the basin are presently akin to cranberry bogs.   Expect some great fishing there later this summer, and fantastic  mosquito hatches through July.


Yellowstone Park 6-22-2011

Lewis and Shoshone lakes are now ice free. Expect to walk through snow if you walk into Shoshone.   Fall River Basin streams remain weeks away from being run-off free.   Firehole River remains best stream to fish with BWO, PMD and caddis activity interesting fish.  Duck Creek, although running high, is also good fishing.  Use anything that resembles an earthworm.  Now is the time to fish Trout Lake.  Try damselfly nymph, scud, small leech, midge pupa, and snail patterns.


Yellowstone Park 6-18-2011

Fishing conditions are way behind in the Park this year.  The cool, wet spring is the reason, and a lot of snow remains in the higher country.  Best fishing is on the Firehole  River (which is running high and tea colored) with PM BWO and PMD activity and AM PMD spinner falls.  Some big stoneflies are emerging in the Firehole canyon.  That means wind can blow these into the river above making for some unusual fishing.   Next comes the Madison River which offers fair streamer fishing for run-up ‘bows and resident browns and bows.  Duck Creek looks like a cranberry bog but  ‘bows and browns are hitting, especially anything that resembles a worm cluster.  Fall River Basin streams are at high tide and because of all the snow on plateaus above will remain so for weeks to come.  As of early this week Lewis Lake was 95% ice covered, and Shoshone Lake was totally covered. This is likely changed for the better by now, but snow remains big time around each lake.   Expect to walk through snow drift remnants and on muddy trails when going around each lake.  Heart Lake Basin opens July 1st.  Fishing there for some of the best cutthroats you will encounter anywhere should be terrific in the lake, Beaver and Witch creeks and the outlet.   Same deal, expect to walk through snow drift remnants and on muddy trails.  Pelican Creek is once again open to fishing with bear warnings and very few fish within.  Trout Lake is open, and the next few weeks will be the time to fish it with scud, damselfly nymph, snail, and midge pupa patterns.  When weather warms up we will have a flush of water in all streams from highest country.  When it subsides we will be in for a great season.  Keep in touch with us on the best time and locations to visit Park waters.


Yellowstone Park 6-8-2011

Weather has kept crowds down a bit, except for the Firehole River where PM caddis, BWO and PMD activity brings out fish to feed. Might be fewer folks fishing the AM PMD spinner fall. The Madison River is producing some streamer fishing.  Fall River Basin and Lewis River drainage streams remain full of run-off.


Yellowstone Park 6-4-2011

Firehole River is the place for stream fishing.  It’s a bit high and tea colored, but fish take BWO life cycle patterns eagerly.  Expect some crowding. The Gibbon River is high and discolored.  Tons of snow remain on the Madison and Pitchstone plateaus.  All this must melt and come down, so Fall River Basin and Lewis River systems will have high water for weeks to come.


Yellowstone Park 6-1-2011

We have 2011 Yellowstone  Park fishing licenses and regulations. Right now the Firehole River is the best stream to fish in the Park.   Caddisfly, BWO, PMD and sally life cycle patterns are the way to go.  Don’t overlook soft hackle patterns either!


Yellowstone Park 5-28-11

General fishing season opens today. We expect to have licenses and information folders early next week.  Firehole River is your best bet for stream fishing.   BWO, PMD, and caddis life cycle patterns are standard fare for this time of year.  Don’t overlook small bead head nymphs.   Lewis Lake will offer some streamer fishing from both shore and from boats. Dress for not the best weather!


Yellowstone Park 5-21-2011

Angling season opens next Saturday, May 28th.   Right now the Firehole is flowing at normal levels, and likely will be best stream destination with BWO and caddisfly liffe cycle patterns leading the pack of effective flies.  Many other waters will be snow bound as real melting has yet to begin in much of the Park.


Yellowstone Park 10-27-10

Had a great day fishing the Beaver Meadows reach of the Madison River yesterday. Snow squalls, day long ice in the guides, and wind did not keep the run-up browns and bows from hitting streamer patterns presented in deeper runs. This is the story on all Park waters hosting browns: streamers are going to bring action.  Be prepared for wintry conditions and slick or snow packed roads when you venture into the Park.  Sadly only several days remain for fishing Park waters. Fishing season here closes on November 7th.


Yellowstone Park 10-24-10

First of all,  come dressed for winter fishing!  Stay warm & dry in order to enjoy top water fishing on the Firehole River where BWOs are out in big numbers.  In every water that hosts brown trout, streamer fishing is the way to go.  In waters without browns, streamers presented in deep waters will bring results from big cutts, brookies and ‘bows seeking forage fish. Fishing season closes the first weekend of November, so not much time is left this year to enjoy waters here.