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Yellowstone Park

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Yellowstone Park 6-04-09

No real change here with respect to fishing conditions. The cool, wet weather slows streams getting free of run of loads. The Firehole is perhaps the best fishing with BWO, PMD, and caddis emergences. Damselfly nymphs will work in slower waters here. The Madison River remains high, but streamer patterns on reaches where the river exits the Park will bring responses from rainbows returning to Hebgen Lake.  Gibbon River, Duck Creek, Cougar Creek, and Grayling Creek are running high.  Fall River Basin streams are weeks away from being fishable. The Ashton-Flagg Road remains closed, so access to upper Fall River and Beula Lake is not yet possible from the Idaho side.


Yellowstone Park 6-01-09

Firehole River remains the best and almost only top water fishing in the Park to date.   The river is high and “tea colored”, but this is normal for the time of year.  Caddis and BWO life cycle patterns work, and PMD’s are showing up in increasing numbers.   The Madison River is high and off color, but streamers continue to produce some nice fish. The same applies to the Gibbon River below the falls.  Most other streams are high with run off.  The Lewis River below the lake is fishable with streamers.   It will be weeks before Fall River Basin streams are fishable.


Yellowstone Park 5-28-09

No real change since our last report. Some surface action is possible on the Firehole from BWOs and caddis, but small streamers and nymphs bring the best action.  Use streamers on the Madison River and its high water in the Park to get into Hebgen ‘bows returning to the lake.


Yellowstone Park 5-25-09

High and discolored water is the case in almost all streams.  Only real exception is Lewis River where streamers will work if you can get through the snow.  The Firehole is a bit high and  slightly discolored.  Small buggers and streamers are working there, and a few fish are taking BWOs and caddis with better dry fly fishing yet to come. The Madison River in the Park is high and discolored, but some folks are picking up fish on streamers and woolly buggers.  The Gallatin in the Park is high and becomes quite discolored as it exits the Park around the Taylor Fork confluence.  The Ashton-Flagg road is weeks away from opening for through traffic, and Fall River along the southwest boundary is high and cold with run-off.  Better days are yet to come there for fly-fishers.


Stillwaters 05-23-09

We have received a couple of good reports from Twin Lakes. The blugills and crappie have moved into the willows.  Twin Lakes should be good fishing through the entire month of June due to the good water year. Use a small beadhead fly like a blugill candy or beadhead damsel on a floating line. If we get a little cold spell and the fish move to deeper water in the mornings switch to sinking line until the water warms later in the day. For crappie try a Size 6 olive/chartruese clouse minnow. It can work good for bass too.


Yellowstone Park 5-20-09

We have 2009 Yellowstone Park fishing licenses and regulations in the shop.  Stop in on your way there to pick these up and get the latest information on Park waters that open this weekend for fishing and which flies to use.


Yellowstone Park 5-14-09

Does not open until Memorial Day weekend.  Look for high water to prevail when it does.  Remember we are a  Yellowstone Park fishing permit vendor, and we will have those permits in time for the season opener there.


Yellowstone Park 10/30

Fishing closes Sunday, so only a few days are left to get and enjoy some terrific streamer fishing on the Madison, Gibbon, Gardner, Lewis and Snake rivers. Stormy weather is predicted so watch the roads, and if you are in the Park be sure to have some BWO and caddis life cycle patterns in your fly box.


Yellowstone Park 10/24

Fishing season ends the first weekend in November. That’s a bit more than a week from now, so get away to the Park to enjoy the best our country in a set of natural state waters. Bring streamer patterns for the best wet fly fishing and BWO emergers, cripples, and duns for dry fly fishing.


Yellowstone Park 10/16

Streamers and BWO life cycle patterns make for the best fishing almost anywhere. The Madison River drainage also features midge emergences that are bringing fish to the surface. Hoppers are pretty much gone because of hard frosts.  In the near future look for some late autumn fisheries to become places to consider. This includes the run of browns into the Gardner River, Trout Lake with its huge cuts and ‘bows, and the run of browns into the Snake River.