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Henry’s Fork 5-23-17

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Henry’s Fork 5-23-17

There is a good number of escapee trout from Henry’s Lake now in the Henry’s Lake Outlet. These fish are mostly cutthroat trout with some hybrids and brook trout.  Until stressed by wading anglers, these fish will take streamer and woolly bugger types. Fishing space in the outlet is somewhat limited above the Highway 20 crossing, and will likely be crowded the upcoming holiday weekend.  Eventually these fish will disperse into the river going through and offering good fishing in the Flat Ranch property.

The big news for this river is that the giant stonefly hatch is out big time with adults flying from Warm River to Ashton. Look for the hatch to expand to the river below right now and angler presence to expand greatly.  Boat traffic is thick and will increase on the lower river above Chester during the upcoming holiday weekend.  Cooler weather expected later this week means that presenting big nymph patterns may be the best way to go for now in such as Box Canyon and upper Cardiac Canyon, but because the progress of this hatch is so unpredictable, be sure to have dry stonefly patterns along.