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Henry’s Fork 7/5

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Henry’s Fork 7/5

If you haven’t fished the Henry’s Fork yet you are missing out on some great dry fly fishing. Don’t let the high water flows deceive you. The water has great clarity and the bugs are hatching. Wading is not as accessible as it has been in the past seasons because of the high water, but the fish are big and healthy.

Things on the Ranch continue to improve with Drakes, Green and Brown hatching. Caddis and PMD spinner falls in the evening.

Downstream from the Warm River Confluence¬† fish have been feeding on Goldenstone’s, Caddis, Drakes, green and grey. There is also a good PMD hatch during the afternoon. The best action for fishing is in the evening¬† hours. If you are fishing during the day stop your boat, get out and watch the water. Lots of people on the water because the South Fork is just not coming together as quickly as everyone wants. Show up to the river early or late. Beating the crowds or following behind them is a good strategy for avoiding people.