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Henry’s lake 10-19-12

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Henry’s lake 10-19-12

Fishing at Henry’s continues to be good and should stay that way until real cold weather arrives. This weeks overcast and precipitation will not make it real cold but that will eventually come. Each Fall fish always gather around the creek mouths and that is going on now. Sometimes they are in as  little as two feet of water. Slow sink and intermediate lines work the best. Try stripping a copper brown crystal bugger or california leech. We also caught fish on a #8 Idyl’s peacock leech. Switch to a #2 sinking if you move out into 10 to 12 feet water depth.

On Wednesday we also caught fish using a pair of #12 midge pupa suspended under an indicator using a floating line. The midges were olive with a white bead and pearl with a black bead. We found fish in 6 to 8 feet of water and later as shallow as 3 feet.