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Small Streams 4-28-12

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Small Streams 4-28-12

Run off remains the culprit here.  And it looks like that’ll be the case for a while.  Fall River and Teton River, both open to catch & release fishing, drain high country and their increased flows mean slow fishing and impacts on the lower Henry’s Fork.  There are a few exceptions. Warm River, also open to catch & release fishing, does not drain high country. It is a bit high and clear, but can be fished.  Blackfoot River from the dam to the bridge just below is in fishing condition.  Birch Creek diversion and in the family area are in excellent shape. Expect fast afternoon fishing when small (#14-#18, your choice) bead head nymphs and even small (#16-#20, midge & BWO patterns) dry flies are presented.  PM water temperatures are in the high 50s in degrees Fahrenheit, just about ideal for aquatic insect and fish activity. Use your favorite light weight rod, and you will have a great time.