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Small Streams 9-21-10

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Small Streams 9-21-10

Fishing the Blackfoot River above and below the dam is picking up. Flows below are around 270 cfs, above around 60 cfs.  Above the dam terrestrial insect patterns and streamers provide the best action. Below the dam where gradients are higher, caddisfly life cycle patterns, traditional attractor patterns and streamer patterns bring action.  The lower Teton River is another great location to consider.  Hopper and other terrestrial patterns work just fine with streamer patterns presented in the evening a good bet to bring action.   Robinson Creek hosts good fishing with caddisfly life cycle, traditional attractors, and terrestrial patterns bringing action.  Warm River BWOs and caddisflies provide action from the spring down to the Henry’s Fork confluence.   The Birch Creek family area, Beaver Creek above Spencer, and the Little Lost River remain great places to enjoy lightweight gear and a great early day trico emergence.  There are several more small streams to visit before frosts become severe, so get in touch with us to get information on these.