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South Fork 08-01-16

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South Fork 08-01-16

The fishing on the South Fork is remaining constant with Golden Stones, PMD’s, and now small ants. The flows are staying constant on the river with it running 12,400 cfs out of the Palisades Damn, and the hopper fishing is getting close to starting with these warm dry temperatures. The best fishing lately has been in the mornings and evenings with a dead period during the middle of the day. During that time, I would recommend a dry dropper with a size 12 or 14 bead-headed nymph.

Flies I would use:

Nymphs: Bennett’s Brown Rubber Leg size 6 & 8, Pearl Lightning Bug size 16, Red Copper John size 14, Bead Headed Pheasant Tail Crystal Flash size 16

Streamers: Gallop’s Yellow Dungeon, Kreelix Copper/Gold, Gallop’s White Peanut Envy, Sparkle Minnow, Flash Minnow.

Dry Flies: CFO Copper/Black Ant size 14, CFO Black/Red Ant size 16,  Super Chernobyl Golden size 10 (A.K.A Chubby), CFO Flamer (Purple or Brown) size 8, CW Pink Albert Dun size 16, Pink Albert Captive Dun size 16,

Also, a yellow lab was found at the Byington Boat Ramp Saturday, if you have any information contact Logan at 208-346-2066.