South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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South Fork 5-6

South Fork 5-6

The flows were raised the last few days to 8,600 cfs. This has been effecting the fishing a little, but give it 12-18 hours since the last increase in flows and the fish seem to settle down and start eating again. Rollin guided this weekend and they caught a good number of fish on egg patterns and stonefly nymphs. The gauge at the Irwin site reports the water temp is at 40 degrees. So as things warm up the fish will become increasingly more aggressive towards streamers. I would still fish a streamer right now though I would however continue to concentrate on the slow water and deep pools in the water. Ripping a piece of meat off of the bank right now will most likely not prove to be that effective given how cold the water is.

I don’t know when the water is going to stop rising…probably in the fall, right? Seriously though the water flow is going to keep increasing for the next few months and watching the flows can really help improve your catching rate on the river.

Lorenzo boat ramp is still all screwed up and the word from the BLM is the new ramp will not be in order until this fall. Please use common sense when launching and taking out at Lorenzo. It is only big enough for one boat at a time…So use caution.