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Springfield Reservoir 12-11-10

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Springfield Reservoir 12-11-10

Our still waters are pretty much iced over now.  Springfield Reservoir is the exception.  Springs at the west end keep this part of it ice free though winter.  The east end ices over.  On nice weekend days the open water becomes quite crowded with anglers trying to remedy cabin fever.  During nice week days the open water is not so crowded.  Pontoon or hard sided boating are the most comfortable ways of fishing here as waters are typically in the high & mid forties in degrees F.   True, most ‘bows present are 16-20″ individuals from recent IDF&G plants, but some very large hold-overs are present.  These are worthy opponents, and the easy access at Springfield makes a great alternative for a trophy during winter time.  These big guys forage on the abundant chub minnows in the reservoir.  Presenting midge pupa and small leech patterns also offer a chance to encounter these fish.