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Today at Jimmy’s 11-24-08

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Today at Jimmy’s 11-24-08

The fishing has been really good on the Henry’s Fork and the South Fork. We have had many people coming into the shop sharing thier fishing stories from this past weekend. Idaho is such a great place in the fall. We have many oppertunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Many Idaho residents enjoy Steelhead fishing, chasing trout, and hunting. The hard working employees at Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler enjoy all types of outdoor activities. One of the favorite hunting activities we enjoy is bird hunting. Rollin is always shooting ducks and geese, and I started after the elusive pheasant this fall. Pheasants have completely consumed my free time this fall. This past weekend my new puppy Moose who is just over a year old got his first “wild” pheasant. It was a great weekend, I posted a photo because I am so proud of Moose.


We got some new items in the shop to help with your tying orginization. We received the “Spool Safe”. This item allows you to hold all your thread, copper wire, tinsel, and anything else thats is spooled on a big rotating wheel that will allow you to see and pull what you ned to tie with. We also received a “Tool Stadium.” This handy piece of equipment allows you to store all you tying tools in one easy location.