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Today at Jimmy’s 11/17

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Today at Jimmy’s 11/17

I am so excited about the shipment we got in today. We received some new Rod Mounts for your car or truck. These are by far the most superior rod mounts I have ever seen. I can’t wait to drive down the road at normal highway speeds instead of 55 mph. Check out this youtube video here.

Sumo rod carriers sell for only $150

A couple other new fly tying items we have in the shop. We now have Dyed Silver Pheasant feathers. These are great for steelhead flies and streamers. This feather is a good substitute for Guinea hackle. We also have Spey Plumes. This is a unique material it is Ostrich Herl on a smaller feather that you can wrap like hackle. The herl fibers are also great for small nymphs.