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Today at Jimmy’s 12-10

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Today at Jimmy’s 12-10

Well its that time again when we feature our “12 gifts of Christmas.” Be sure to show this list to your loved ones so they know what to get you when they come to the shop looking for some Holiday gifts.

I am going to keep this pretty simple. Today I want to feature an item that has been fairly popularfor the last year and a half.

Patagonia Hats! We have lots of different styles and types. Our most popular has been the Patagonia logo inside a trout silhouette. We have many different styles, Trucker Hats, Traditional ball caps and beanies.They all wear great and only you can determine what style your prefer. We have lots of these hats in stock and they make great stocking stuffers. Don’t forget T-shirts we have a good selection of those as well…but maybe I should save those for another day.