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Today at Jimmys 12/6

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Today at Jimmys 12/6

Remember last year around this time I did a promotion to help you all with Holiday gifts for the season. Well I am kicking it off again this year. So here we go!

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler 12 gifts for the Holiday’s! This year we have an awesome selection of gifts/stocking stuffer’s  for the fly angler in your life.(Guys I am doing this for your wives and loved ones so make sure you give them the link!) We will be featuring 12 gifts from now until a few days before Christmas.

Today’s gift is a simple inexpensive item that we think is a no brainer for the Holidays. Allow me to introduce you to the Simms Early Riser Mug.

The Early Riser Mug is a coffee mug for any angler, featuring the DeYoung art work.This mug also features a rubber gasket on the lid to prevent spills in the truck and on you!

  • The “Artist Series” mug is the newest addition to the Simms “Artist Series” of products, features Derek DeYoung fish artwork
  • The Simms Camo mug features our own unique Simms Trout camo pattern
  • 450ml Stainless steel tumbler mug
  • $24.95

Also the Simms 1 Litter Water Bottle

This 33 once water bottle is made of aluminum and is BPA free. Trow it in the boat, clip it to your fishing vest or you pack. This is a great water bottle to carry your favorite drink in.

  • Offered in “Artist Series” and Simms Camo artwork
  • BPA-free aluminum
  • 33 ounce capacity
  • Includes carabiner for easy attachment and an extra drinking cap
  • Fits in the water bottle pockets on the Simms Headwaters™ Bags & Packs
  • The Artist Series bottle features Derek DeYoung Tarpon fish art
  • $29.95

Keep posted to the website for the next 11 Days! If you noticed I did 2 items today but they are kinda the same type of item, and I’m running this program so I can do what I want…right? As always if you have any questions call the shop and stop in we have many other great items as well that unfortunately we wont be able to feature during this promotion.