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Today at Jimmy’s 1/4

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Today at Jimmy’s 1/4

Here at the shop we made it through the Holidays. We always do Inventory the week between Christmas and New Years, its not something all of us here at the shop look forward to because every item in the store needs to be counted, including every fly. Once all of our inventory is counted we start on the paperwork. We had a great year and thanks to all of our customers who support us. We hope you all had a good 2010 and we are looking forward to 2011.

One of the first things we are going to start 2011 off with is our Fly Tying Classes. We will be offering Beginning Fly Tying and Special Topics Classes. Our beginning class starts right at the very basics of fly tying, and teaches the students a solid foundation for tying many different types of patterns. This class covers everything from a #4 Wolley Bugger to #16 Dry Flies. Our special topics class is designed to focus on specific topics. In the past we have taught classes on Streamers, Stoneflies, Beadhead patterns, and Tube Flies. These classes will be available again for those of you who missed them last winter. However I am interested in organizing more special topics courses and if there is a topic you have an interest in, let us know and we will put it together. Check out the Tying Class Schedule on our website or by clicking here for the upcoming classes.