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Today at Jimmy’s 3-6-13

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Today at Jimmy’s 3-6-13

Hey everybody, really quick I just wanted to let you know we received a big order from Montana Fly Company today with lots of cool new stuff. Everything from new hopper legs and some new water bottles and coffee mugs. SO if you get a minute come check it out!

Also a quick reminder that we will have a free tying demo this Saturday and Linda Windels will be the tier.


Linda grew up in a fishing family, but was not introduced to fly-fishing until 1993 while living in Golden, Colorado. There she took fly-fishing and tying lessons from a local shop. It was love at first sight. In 2001 she and husband Bill moved to Idaho Falls.  She had visited the area previously to fish the South Fork with Reel Women, then again with Joan Wulff and Lori Ann Murphy. So the 2001 move was to “fly-fishing heaven.”  She attended her first Eastern Idaho Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo (EIFTE) that year and learned more on fishing and tying than thought possible.  She marvels at attending EIFTE workshops from Wayne Luallen, Chris Helm, and Leslie Harrop. Those workshops and her natural abilities serve her well. She teaches fly tying in the EIFTE’s ladies program.  Her tying accomplishments are featured during EIFTE fly tying demos, and she is the subject of inquiries about taking part in fly tying events around the western states. Linda advocates that more women are needed in fly fishing and fly tying. She therefore organizes women’s fly fishing visit to destinations including the Big Hole Lodge in Montana and Falcon’s Ledge Lodge in Utah. Some participants have been doing so for as long as twenty years. Thus for any lady interested in fly tying, we highly recommend Linda’s demo.  But we also recommend her demo for any fly tier. Linda’s ability and generosity accompanied by her wit and knowledge will result in an excellent event.