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Warmwater 6-18-13

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Warmwater 6-18-13

With trout fishing taking center stage in the area, there aren’t many people who make it out after warmwater species throughout the summer. That is a mistake though, as this time of year can provide awesome fishing for bass, carp, and bluegill.

Bluegill fishing has been good on Preston area reservoirs when the weather cooperates. The wind from this past weekend made it tough to locate bluegill, but the fishing will be good again with consistent weather. The bluegill fishing has been weird so far this year, but I think the best is yet to come. If you make it out and find the bluegill all the traditional patterns like san juan worms, bluegill candy, bream poppers, and small beadhead nymphs will take fish.
Carp fishing has been red hot on Blackfoot Reservoir. We have heard more then a few reports this past week about excellent fishing in most any shallow bay with lots of smaller 5-12lb fish showing up with the occasional 20+lb big boy. I would make sure and have flies like Lukes carp candy and Dan’s crayfish up there with me.
Bass fishing remains good in the area for both Large and Smallmouth. This is peak time to hit Ririe Reservoir for smallmouth with small streamers and poppers. The American falls area continues to fish well, although I would start fishing a little bit deeper 5-12 ft of water with the warmer temps we have been experiencing. The largemouth fishing down around Preston has been great if you can get there early, and I don’t mean 8 or 9 o’clock early. I have been down Largemouth fishing quite a bit and once the sun comes up the quality bass really slow down and pull back into cover or move out deeper. If you can fish them when the sun isn’t on the water, it can be pretty good. Bigger crayfish and Clouser minnow type patterns is what I would be throwing for Largmouth and Smallies.