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Yellowstone Park 7-13-09

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Yellowstone Park 7-13-09

The Firehole is warming to the point that larger fish are seeking cooler waters in spring fed tribs. These streams are now refuges.  So we leave them alone.  When the river cools later in the season fish return to take advantage of its better living conditions.  Other waters are really shaping up in the Park.  The Madison River drainage is in great shape with PMDs & caddis giving evening action.  PMD spinner falls makes mornings worthy a visit to the river and to tribs such as the Gibbon’s meadow reaches, Duck Creek and Cougar Creek.  The Gallatin River now offers a great chance to try traditional terrestrial patterns such as the Wulff series, goofus bug variations, renegades and adams variations as well as your favorite caddis and sally patterns.  Fall River Basin streams have dropped very quickly to close to base levels.  Big stoneflies are moving through these, and PMDs, green drakes and brown drakes are hatching.  If you have never fished Beula Lake at the head of Fall River Basin, you are missing some of the fastest fishing in the region.  Get in touch with us for details on how to.