South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 8-17-13

No big change since our 8-3-13 report.  Get to creek mouths (Targhee and  Howard are best) as early as possible for a best location.  If you know location of spring holes around the lake try them to avoid creek mouth crowding.  Allow a few more weeks, and cooler weather will help fishing pick up around the lake.


Henry’s Lake 7-23-13

Action has become slower on the lake due mostly to warming water. The best fishing locations remain in front of Duck, Howard and Targhee Creeks, but “fish early, fish late” applies.  Try the flies and strategy Everet suggests in his 7-13-13 report.  We drove past the south side of the lake yesterday and observed no boats in front of the cliffs and in front of Duck and Hope Creeks.   That observation hints at slow action.


Stillwater/Henry’s Lake 7-19-13

The fishing on area stillwaters is tough right now. Like has been mentioned in previous posts, the surface temperatures on the lakes to the south is over 70 degrees and has been for some time. Landing fish in this warm temperature can really stress fish out so make sure you revive the fish completely before releasing. If possible, head out to deeper water or a weed free area to release your fish. Damsels, Chironomids, and Callibaetis patterns are still your best bets for getting into fish.

The Sand Creek Ponds opened up this past week are fishing well. Dry Damsels and Callibaetis have been taking fish along with the nymphs of both species. Unfortunately, the water temperature is warmer then we were hoping for this early in the summer. Make sure you are reviving your fish completely before releasing them.

Henry’s Lake is one lake in this area with water temperatures under 70 degrees. Targhee and Duck creek have been fishing very well. Both areas can be crowded, especially Targhee Creek so make sure you get out there early to stake out a spot. The Peacock AH, Henry’s Lake Scud, and the Henry’s Lake Pheasant Tail would be great patterns to have on you. Fish shallow early and as the day progresses gradually move out to deeper water.


Henry’s Lake 7-13-13

Fishing at Henry’s Lake has been very good recently. Fishing off Targhee Creek has been best with some bigger fish finally showing up. To fish the Targhee Creek area successfully you need to be there early, really early. Start shallow in the morning and gradually work your way out to deeper water as the sun gets higher in the sky. On the same note, fish larger, darker flies (Black CB, Brown CB, Lt Olive Crystal, California leech) early and change out to the smaller patterns (Mighty Mouse, Peacock Ah, HL Scud, HL Pheasant tail) as the day goes on. If you see people up there catching fish while you are not, stop fishing and watch them for a bit. Often you can pick up how and what others are using/doing just by slowing down and watching for a bit.

Other areas of the lake are fishing well too like Howard Creek, The Cliffs, and around Duck Creek. Use the same methods mentioned above on all these locations.


Henrys Lake 7/3/13

The fishing at Henry’s lately has been pretty good. Duck creek and Targhee creek have been the hot spots on the lake as of lately, although the fish can be tough some days in both places. You really need to look for the holes/channels in the weeds this time of year. The fish will use these weedbeds as a “highway” and cruise them looking for food. Both sinking lines and floating lines with indicators have been producing. For sinking lines think smaller flies this time of year like the peacock AH size 12, Mighty Mouse size 12, Henry’s Lake scud and Henry’s Lake pheasant tail both in a size 12. Choose your sinking line depending on how deep the water is you are fishing. There is too much to explain on this post, but call us in the shop or stop by and we can get you squared away with the sinking line you will need. For fishing under indicators I would be fishing beadhead damsels in size #12 and smaller callibaetis nymphs. Change your depth up until you find the depth that the fish are feeding at.



Henry’s Lake 6-11-13

It’s a hit or miss situation here. For every success story there seems to be a “goose egg” story or close to it.  It appears that fish have mostly moved away from shoreline.   Midge pupa patterns under an indicator may provide your best chance for action until the fabled damselfly hatch begins around the beginning of July.


Henry’s Lake 6-1

The opening of Henry’s Lake was a little less than desirable compared to the last few years. Since the ice came off early this year the majority of the fish have moved off the banks and into the deeper water. The good news is the Midges are hatching and the fish have been keying into Chironomid patterns. Angler will also find success with crystal buggers and leach patterns fished on a sinking line.


Henry’s Lake 10-30-12

Most folks fishing here report good success, so no big changes. Take a look at our previous reports for more details. One thing for sure is that as we move toward the winter season, it’s a good idea to check road and weather conditions before traveling to the lake.