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South Fork 2-20

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South Fork 2-20

The South Fork is beginning to pick up. Right now its mostly all nymphing. Make sure you are getting deep enough and fast enough. This means you need to have split shot and a long leader. The fish are on the bottom of the deep holes and seam lines. If streamers are more your style use a full sinking line and fish the deep dead water. Midges are also hatching on the warmer days, you got to find spots where they are hatching in good numbers. Not every hole will have fish rising.

The majority of the river is accessible for wade fishing. You can drive up the canyon road till you reach the road closed sign, than you gotta hike or ski. There is plenty of great water between Wolf and Road closure to fish.

Zebra Midges, Hare’s Ear’s and Prince Nymphs worked really well last weekend, and we have had many customers report that rubberlegs have been really hot as well.