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Still Water 7-22-10

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Still Water 7-22-10

Chesterfield Reservoir is the star of the show here.  That’s because damselflies are emerging big time, with fish readily taking the nymphs and the dries.  Be sure to have your dry and intermediate lines along.  Concentrate your efforts on shallower waters, especially with submerged vegetation.   Bays, coves and shorelines with willows, cat tails and such are good locations.   Watch for rising fish, and be assured that more are likely feeding on nymphs.  Wind can impact the dry fly fishing somewhat, but not nymphing as much.  Word about Chesterfield and its damselflies is out meaning some crowding on best spots, so here are other locations where damselflies are active:  The upper end and east shoreline at Daniels Reservoir, the upper end of Hawkins Reservoir, Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir, Paul Reservoir (great place to take youngsters), shoreline coves and bays on Treasureton Reservoir and Springfield Reservoir.