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South Fork 6-26

Flows were increased last night to 12,000 cfs. The increase is due to irrigation demand and unfortunately we do not get any word when these increases will happen. Things will settle down in a day or two and the fishing will be back at it. As Jimmy mentioned yesterday lots of Yellow Sallies on the lower river and some PMD’s. I was in the canyon Sat. and we had really good success on stonefly nymphs, yellow sally nymphs, Zebra Midges and Lighting bugs. I didn’t have any fish hit the indicator so I didn’t throw any dry flies with droppers. I still found most of my fish in the gravel bars and side channels. I did however pick up a few fish on the bank which means they are starting to move out of the winter water. A beetle or ant would work this time of year if your really needed a dry fly fix.