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Henry’s Lake

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Henry’s Lake 10-20-14

Henry’s Lake has been fishing okay lately, right on the cusp of really turning loose. We need some colder, nastier, cloudier weather to really get things going, weather has just been too nice! Focus on all the typical fall areas; Duck Creek, Hatchery, State Park, Cliffs, Duck Creek, and County boat dock. Until the colder weather shows up, fish a little deeper water then you typically would this time of year. Darker Leeches, Lt. Olive Crystal, Henrys Lake Renegade, and Henrys Lake Scud have all been producing well. Look for things to really turn on here in the next week or so!



Henry’s Lake 10-18-14

We hear that fishing shallow water all around the lake is currently terrific. That means crowding in easily reached locations such as the west side county boat dock and campground, but especially at the State Park. Expect a crowd of shoreline anglers as well as numerous boats in front and at nearby Howard Creek. At the northwest corner of the lake, within a half mile off the highway, and on the west side road there is a pull-out and primitive launch site suitable only for float tubes and pontoon boats.  This site put you in great position for fishing the west side and north shorelines. Try the standard Henry’s Lake flies we recommend in our October 11th Henry’s Lake report.


Henry’s Lake 10-11-14

Fishing is picking up here as cooler weather helps bring fish closer to shorelines. With the cloudy, possibly stormy weather coming in for the next few days, action could really pick up. We have some reports of big flies on such as streamers and various large wooly buggers working, but the standard olive or gold crystals, California leeches, Mity mites, bead head peacock leeches, peacock AHs, and halloweens seem to work just as well.  Cutts have move into the State Park-Howard Creek area. This means lots of folks fishing from banks and boats. Might be a good place to start up a taco wagon business or hold a tall tales contest!


Henry’s Lake 10-7-14

We have not heard consistent reports of good fishing here.  Part of the reason could be the great “Indian Summer” weather we currently have. Looks like that could change this coming weekend when cooler temps and increased chance of precipitation is predicted.   That just may be the ticket to bringing more fish into shallower water around the lake.


Henry’s Lake 9/22/14

Henry’s is fishing okay right now, but is sure to improve as we move deeper into the fall. Water temperatures are in the mid-upper fifties and the water is clear. It doesn’t seem like fish have moved shallow into their typical fall haunts just yet. Best success has come from water in the 6-12ft range on the West, North, and South shores of the lake. Weeds have really died off on the entire lake and this should expose a lot of willing, hungry fish if you can find them. Fish darker leech patterns or cyrstals in sizes 6-12 on type 1 (intermediate) and type two lines. Best advice we can give right now is to be mobile, if you aren’t catching fish within an hour of being in a new area, move. People who are covering the most water seem to be doing best. If I was headed up to fish in the next week or so, I would check out the Cliffs, Duck Creek, or the Pintail Point area of the lake.

Fish will continue to move shallow in the coming weeks and we should have some excellent fishing in the next couple of weeks. Get out there and enjoy some good fishing! Please feel free to call us for up to the minute reports.


Henry’s Lake 8-23-14

Same story: fish the creek mouths and around the springs using an intermediate. Pattern success seems to vary depending on who you talk to. But a sure fire way for success fishing Henry’s Lake is to pick up a copy of “Fishing Henry’s Lake” by Bill Schiess.  Bill is generous to the point that he shares all his knowledge on Henry’s, and his book is where you find it completely. Within you will see best location and fly pattern selection information for any time of the fishing season.


Henry’s Lake 8-4-14

Consider fishing around creek mouths now. Get to these locations as early as possible, because when word gets out about good fishing there, you will have company.  Some will enjoy crowding your location if you are having luck. Small woolly bugger types, Mity mouse, bead head peacock leeches, olive or gold crystal patterns on an intermediate line will get action going for you.


Henry’s Fork 8-6-14

The river from Ashton Dam downstream  is in the “summer doldrums” now. Go elsewhere unless you try at sunrise or sunset with streamers. The big mayfly hatches are pretty much over in the Pinehaven-Harriman-Last Chance section (except for a few places where springs enter the river) until speckled duns and trico emergences become important.   Your best chances here are with terrestrial patterns. Patterns tied with traditional materials tend to have a more delicate imprint on the surface than those tied with foam or rubber. Thus, be a bit careful when choosing hopper patterns if you will be fishing slower waters.  In sections with faster water and a more broken surface, such as in Cardiac Canyon or around Riverside Campground, this difference is not as significant.


Head North for good Stillwater action

Area stillwaters have slowed down for the most part due to the summer heat and water levels being drawn down. The reservoirs to the southeast have been most affected by the summer heat. The only real option on lakes like Daniels and Chesterfield is fishing deep and fishing early. Fast sinking lines and deep indicator fishing with double chironomid set ups have been most productive.

Lakes and Reservoirs to the North have fared a little better as far as water levels and water temperatures. We have received good reports from Hebgen, Cliff, Wade, Island Park, and Henry’s Lake in the past week. Henry’s Lake has been fishing well around the Targhee Creek area early in the morning with patterns like the Henry’s Lake Pheasant tail, Henry’s Lake Renegade, Lt. Olive Crystal, and Henry’s Lake scud. Concentrate on shallow water early and work your way to deeper water as the sun continues to rise.

The Sand Creek Ponds have been fishing well lately too. After a slow opener, things seem to have picked up a little bit. The best fishing has been early and late in the day with damsel and Callibaetis nymphs under an indicator. On certain days, the dry fly fishing on Callibaetis spinners has been very good. If you prefer to fish sinking lines, a slow sinking line and darker brown/olive mohair leeches have been producing well.


Henry’s Lake 7-8-14

Fly over Henry’s Lake, and you can tell from the boat clusters where the good fishing is. In front of Targhee and Duck creeks, in front of The Cliffs, and certain spots out in the lake where there are channels between weed beds are favored locations. Damselfly nymphs are what’s working in these places.  So are midge pupa patterns if you can find the taking depth, and small woolly bugger patterns.