South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Henry’s Lake (Page 27)

Henry’s Lake 8/11

Notice the reduced number of boats on the lake lately? That tells you that action is slowing. Try creek mouths and springs to find action until our days start cooling.


Henry’s Lake 8/4

No big change: concentrate on creek mouths and spring holes. Not sure where these are? Look for a concentration of boats. Successful Henry’s Lake anglers like to stick together!


Henry’s Lake 7/27

The lake is warming up and fish will soon seek cooler waters. So the best fishing will tend toward creek mouths and spring holes. Be at these locations early, or come to them late in the day for best action and to see less crowded conditions.


Henry’s Lake 7/17

Seems like Henry’s Lake is trying to make up for the slow fishing it offered last summer. This season fishing is still great. Trolling is still effective, the damselflies are bringing action, Some very large fish have been caught around Staley Springs (see above), and now fishing in front of creek mouths (try mity mouse and Henry’s Lake renegade patterns as well as your favorite small leech pattern) is kicking in.