South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Henry’s Lake (Page 27)

Henry’s Lake 10/4

The unsettled weather we are now in is just the ticket for bringing fish into shallows in big numbers! Your favorite leech pattern, scud patterns and streamers will bring success, especially if presented on an intermediate line.


Henry’s Lake 9/29

Fishing is really picking up here. This includes along shorelines. Intermediate lines are the ticket, whether you are on the shoreline or in a boat. Taking patterns include your favorite leech pattern, halloweens, mity mouse, Henry’s Lake renegade, Henry’s Lake nymph, Carey specials, etc. Look for fishing to be best during periods of the famed Henry’s Lake weather!


Henry’s Lake 9/22

Fish are beginning to move into shallow water, so shoreline fishing is just beginning. Cooler weather like today will help bring it on. When it begins in earnest, any small leech pattern will be effective, and intermediate lines will be the best choice


Henry’s Lake 9/11

Fishing has been a bit slow, and wind the last few days has made the lake a bit unpleasant. We have heard of some action along the cliffs and creek mouths for those using scud and small leech patterns.


Henry’s Lake 9/5

Fish are pretty much scattered around the lake. Cool weather is coming meaning they will tend to move to shorelines as we cool down. Some action has been going on in front of the cliffs at the southwest corner for those using small leech patterns and scuds.


Henry’s Lake 9/2

Weather like we had the last two days is just the ticket for improved action. Cool, stormy weather will bring fish to the shorelines. Until that happens creek mouths and spring holes with your favorite small leech patterns is as good as anything for action.


Henry’s Lake 8/29

We are beginning to cool off, so look for action to pick up in other places than creek mouths. It will take a while for fish to move in big numbers into and cruise shorelines, but we have reports of a few doing so.


Henry’s Lake 8/14

No change here: fish creek mouths (intermediate lines) and spring holes (full sink lines). Expect some crowding if one of these places is particularly good fishing.


Henry’s Lake 8/11

Notice the reduced number of boats on the lake lately? That tells you that action is slowing. Try creek mouths and springs to find action until our days start cooling.


Henry’s Lake 8/4

No big change: concentrate on creek mouths and spring holes. Not sure where these are? Look for a concentration of boats. Successful Henry’s Lake anglers like to stick together!