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Today at Jimmy’s

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Today at Jimmy’s 11/19/08

Today has been a fun day. Around lunch time Jimmy left the shop to receive his bi-annual haircut. “It was a good move,” said Jim Sr. “He was starting to look like one of those hippies!” Jimmy looks really nice and clean cut. I joked with him that he is now BYU-Idaho approved. As far as appearance goes I really can’t say much since I started growing out my beard in early September. The original plan was to grow a beard until Moose (my fishing, and hunting partner) and I found, shot, and retrieved our first wild pheasant. We have had our chances this season but at no fault of Moose, we have yet to seal the deal… I’m just a bad shot! So the beard continues, at least until my wife tells me I need to cut it off.

on to the business side of the shop. We have replaced our Lagartun Oval tinsel with a more economic oval tinsel that is made by Uni-Thread. The reason we decided to make this change was becasue Lagartun raised the price to $8 a spool. We will still stock a small limited supply of Lagartun Oval Tinsel. As always if we don’t have exactly what you need we can do a special order. We also brought in a new landing net with an extendable handle that has a fish ruler built into the net. This is a nice feature becasue you will be able to see the “true” length of your fish without having to touch or remove the fish from the water.  These nets are perfect for any angler, and will make a wonderful Christmas Gift. They come in a boat, pontoon boat and wading size.


Today at Jimmy’s

I saw the weather forecast this morning. I couldn’t help but notice how unseasonably warm the weather will be. This is great if you want to get some end of the season fishing before winter rolls in.  Fishing on Henry’s Lake, The South Fork, and the Henry’s Fork are perfect places. All locations are fishing well, and the fish are eating in preparation for winter.

We also have a great sale going on at the shop.  The Sage FLi has been redesigned. We marked down all of the remaining FLi’s in the shop. This rod features generation 4 technology and is a great rod for every level of angler. As always the Sage FLi features the Sage Lifetime Warranty, a cordura rod tube. Come cast one today.

Our first fly tying demonstration was held on Saturday. Todd Lanning tied and showed us some of his favorite patterns. We will continue to hold these tying demos free to the public every Saturday until the middle of March. This is a great oppertunity to learn techniques and skills from some of the regions accomplished tiers.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-12-08

Tying season is almost here! Today we started putting together a special topics tying course. We will feature everything from foam flies, carp, nymphs, River specific flies, Steelhead flies, tube flies, Stoneflies, and Local Streamers. If you have any ideas or suggestions on a specific course that you would be interested in please feel free to let us know. We want to be able to offer as many specific tying classes that we can.

Don’t forget that we have Saturday Tying Demonstrations starting up this Saturday November 15. at the shop. Todd Lanning the General Manager of South Fork Outfitters will be tying this Saturday. He will be sharing some of his favorite patterns from the South Fork, and other local waters. This is a demonstration you don’t want to miss. Also be sure to check out our Tying Demonstration link on this webpage for the upcoming tyers to be featured at the fly shop.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-11-08

With the weather starting to get cold and winter moving in it is time to start tying flies again. We are offering two begining tying classes this fall. These classes start Tuesday Nov. 18 and Wednesday Nov. 19. The class goes for 5 consecutive weeks. We will be covering the basics of begining fly tying. The cost of the course is $35. We have tying kits available at the shop that are specifically designed to take this course. If you have a desire to learn how to tie your own flies this is a great oppertunity. We have limited spaces available so call the shop today to reserve your spot in the class.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-10-08

Today the new website has been launched! We hope you all like the new face lift. Not much has changed in the way of the information provided, only the presentation of that information. Including a great new looking website, there are a couple new features that you should all find more useful. One of the first things changed was the format of the fishing reports.  We now have the ability to archive all the fishing reports as they continue to accumulate over time. So if you want to know when the stoneflies hatched on the Henry’s Fork the prior year you can search the reports till you find the info you need. Another great feature in the fishing report is each piece of water we report on will have its ow separate page. This allows you acess and directly go to the information you desire. We will continue to stay on top of the fishing report as conditions change, like we have done in the past. As always if you need an up to the minute report you are always welcome to call the shop.

We will also continue to have updated information on Tying Demos, Classes, and events that are ongoing in the shop like we always have. We are going to keep “Today at Jimmy’s” updated, with things that are going on in the shop on a daily basis.

My favorite new feature is we now have a photo gallery for everyone to view and look at. We want you to send us your catch and release fish photos. All fish photos from around the world are welcome. We want to see your photos. Those can be emailed to [email protected], and we will post them on the site.

Hope you all enjoy the new website.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-06-08

Woke up this morning to an article on the Post Register about some hunting views I shared about Pheasants.  Jon Dobson is coming today to help us with spring orders. He is our sales rep for buff headwear, and solitude flies. Solitude Fly company ties the famous Pats rubberleg.