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Main Stem Snake River

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Main Stem Snake River 11-1-2011

Brown trout are migrating to spawning areas.  Flows remain nearly double in the river for this time of year limiting walk-in wade access, so float fishing is best approach.  Streamer patterns presented on sink tip lines are the way to encounter the big browns that populate the river.


Main Stem Snake River 10-22-2011

Flows are still a bit high for best walk-in wade fishing.  Float fishers are doing better. Some walk-in places are accessible such as below Gem Lake Dam and below the Shelly I-15 connector. Pitch streamers with evenings being a good time to intercept migrating browns.


Mainstem Snake River 10-11-2011

Water needs to drop for better fishing conditions.  Walk-in wade fishing would improve and be safer at lower flows.  Nevertheless streamer patterns are taking some large browns and ‘bows, especially in the river below Blackfoot.  Float fishing is best way to approach this part of the river.


Main Stem Snake River 9-1-2011

With irrigation demands dropping steadily, river flows are dropping to where fly-fishing in becoming very practical from Menan to American Falls Reservoir.   Presenting terrestrial patterns along well vegetated banks can be very productive, but streamer fishing during early and late hours is the best way to encounter the big fish throughout the river.  Pattern selection is less important that presentation, but because there are more large trout in the main stem river than in any other eastern Idaho stream, you have plenty of locations to make that proper presentation.  We can help you pin point some of these, so come in to the shop, or get in touch.


Main Stem Snake River 11-13-10

Flows are down to normal or a bit below, so wading is ideal for pitching streamers. Water temps are in the low to mid forties, so dress accordingly.  There are so many good locations the best thing to do is come in and see us to help make a choice.  Be sure to have a sink tip and a floating line equipped with short, stout leaders for presenting your streamer flies. Fish late or early in the day for the best chance to meet a migrating brown.


Main Stem Snake River 11-5-10

Flows have dropped to normal levels, meaning that as with the South Fork much of the river is in great shape for walk-in wading.  It is time to use streamer patterns, and with a change in the weather coming big browns will be on the move.  Best times will be evenings and early AMs.  But with cloudy and stormy conditions predicted for much of next week, any time will provide a chance for that big guy to respond. Remember that a streamer featuring yellow or chartreuse will seem particularly effective and that sink tip lines and stout leaders will be the best tackle to use.


Main Stem Snake River 10-27-10

This is streamer fishing season whether you walk-in wade or float the river.  Be more concerned with presentation that with particular pattern selection, except have light colored and dark colored patterns ready to go.   Expect to do best during low light conditions, and during daytime concentrate on the heads and tails of deeper water.   Flows are still a bit higher than normal, but sure to drop soon.


Main Stem Snake River 10-24-10

Flows are right where they should be for this time of year, and big browns are migrating to spawning areas, also as they should be.   You best be fishing streamers to encounter them.  Both float and walk-in wade fishing will be effective. Flows are sure to drop further in the upcoming weeks, so look for some great streamer fishing until ice-up.   We can help you choose locations up & down the river.  C’mon in and talk to us about “the where to try it” question.


Main Stem Snake River 10-15-10

It is time to use streamers here and will remain that way for months  to come. Evenings and early AMs will be the best time to be on the river. Have light colored and dark colored streamers in your fly box, a sink tip line, and stout leader on your reel.  With the river dropping walk in locations are plentiful. Come into the shop to learn the best of these.  Also, we can advise which sections to float at a given time.


Main Stem Snake River 10-9-10

During the recent cloudy days BWOs hatches made for good PM fishing on the river around Idaho Falls and Shelley.  But the big attraction now is that brown trout are migrating throughout the river.  That means streamer fishing is the best way to encounter a big brown.   Again, low light conditions will offer best chance  to meet that big guy.   Have dark colored and light colored streamers in your fly box.   In light colors streamers featuring yellow or chartreuse seem to have an edge with respect to effectiveness.  Strip ’em or drift  ’em using a sink tip line.  Try tops and bottoms of holes and runs.   As light dims, try riffles and runs with a sink tip line, but a floating line may also get  your fly deep enough to moving fish.  Look for streamer fishing to be at its peak here in a few weeks and last through November.