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South Western Montana

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Southwestern Montana 6-1-2011

Madison River below Quake Lake remains discolored and high, but fishing the soft water with streamers on S. J. worms can be effective.  River just below Hebgen Dam is in good shape , but it gets crowded.  Quake Lake is discolored because of Beaver and Cabin creek run-off.


Southwestern Montana 5-28-11

Best stream fishing here is the Beaverhead. Sallies, BWO, caddis have made for great recent action for top water enthusiasts.   Nymphing produces, too.  The Madison remains muddy below Quake Lake.  Beaver and Cabin creeks are the reasons why. They have muddied Quake Lake and a part of the Madison above.


Southwestern Montana 5-21-2011

Cabin and Beaver creeks are putting muddy run-off big time into Quake Lake and the Madison River just above it.  So much of this stuff coming in that the Madison coming out of Quake Lake is also discolored.   From Cabin Creek upstream to Hebgen Dam the river is in great shape, but there are more anglers there than resident trout.  Remembering that this is opening weekend for Montana fishing general season, expect crowds just about anywhere .  The Beaverhead River below Clark Canyon Dam remains in good shape with PM BWO and caddisfly activity bring responses.


South Western Montana 5-7-2011

Big question here is when will roads be passable, and when will ice leave such a Hebgen Res., Wade and Cliff lakes.  Road to Lonesomehurst campground on the South Fork Arm of Hebgen is open, but snow-bound from there to Firehole Ranch.  Same snow-bound conditions exist on county roads approaching Hebgen Res.  Road over Red Rock Pass to Centennial Valley remains snow-bound.  Clark Canyon reservoir is ice free.  Fishing from shore with bead head nymphs is producing, but wind has made getting out on the water tough.


Southwestern Montana 10-9-10

On all rivers, BWOs (adults, spinners) provide PM action, especially on overcast days.  Use nymphs during AM hours.  October caddis will also bring fish up, too.   Streamers are the name of the game in the Beaverhead and Madison rivers.  Browns are moving on both.   Good locations to try for migrating browns is the Madison reach between Hebgen and Quake lakes and the river above Hebgen Lake.  Big streamers trolled on Elk Lake should bring responses from lake trout (C&R fishing only) and cutts.  Same thing on Wade Lake where biggest browns run deep.


Southwestern Montana 8-25-10

Best all-around patterns for fishing streams in the Madison and Gallatin river drainages are spruce moth, hopper, and ant patterns. Good gulper fishing continues on Hebgen Lake where fish are taking tricos on the Madison Arm.   Some speckled duns remain on other parts of the lake. Want to get into some fast action from small but active fish?  Try the West Fork of the Madison River.  There are several miles of stream to fish.  Small hopper, traditional attractor, spruce moth, or caddis life cycle patterns will work just fine.


Southwestern Montana 8-21-10

Terrestrial insects are making for good action all around.   In particular, the spruce moth population is up and makes for great dry fly action on the Madison and Gallatin river drainages.   The Beaverhead River features good PMD and caddis activity, which along with terrestrial insects are bringing big fish to the surface.  Hebgen Lake gulpers seem to have active and inactive days according to report reaching us.


Southwestern Montana 7-22-10

Reservoir Lake is a real hot spot off the beaten path about twenty five miles north and west of Clark Canyon Reservoir. Its surroundings are mostly a pine forest.   Offering aggressive brookies ranging to fifteen inches taking damselfly, speckled dun, midge and leech patterns, it is an ideal place for float tubing and pontoon boating.  A campground offers a great location for tenting or RV stays.   So this lake is a still water get-away from more crowded places nearby.