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Still Water

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Still Water (Page 34)

Still Waters 5-04-09

Daniels Reservoir has cleared and is fishing well for those using midge pupa patterns.  Same applies to Hawkins Reservoir.  The Dairy Creek Road from Hawkins  Res. to Daniels Res. is open.  Springfield Reservoir offers fair fishing for those using midge pupa patterns. Experiment to find the taking depth.  Chesterfield appears to have turned over last week, but remains somwhat discolored near the Toponce Creek diversion inlet.  Small leech patterns bring some action.


Still waters 4-27-09

Ice is off Palisades Reservoir and water levels are low. There are plenty of locations where one can walk the shoreline to present streamers and wooly buggers. Sink-tip and full sink lines will work for getting these to cruising fish.

Springfield Reservoir has been good fishing, Except when fish have been feeding during a blanket midge emergence. Mornings and evenings are best, and red zebra midges are a taking pattern.

Chesterfield, Daniels, Devil Creek, and Hawkins are now all ice free, but we have little info on how well they are fishing. You can help by giving them a try and letting us know of your experience!


Springfield Reservoir 4-13-09

Springfield Reservoir has turned over, and fishing success is picking up again. Midge life cycle patterns early and late in the day are the best bets for success. Experiment with depth of pupa patterns below your indicator to find taking depth. Fish shallows and drop offs around springs and the main channel.  Small leech, scud and soft hackled streamers work well when presented with a very slow retrieve.


Still Waters 11/29

Fishing is going great guns on Daniels, Chesterfield, and Springfield reservoirs.  When mud remains frozen, Twenty-Four Mile can be fished. Leech patterns in fall colors, small soft hackled streamers and midge pupa patterns under indicators are all taking fish. None of these have iced over to date, but when we hear that this has happened, we will post that info here.


Still Waters 11/21

Freeze-up may be coming soon to such as C-field, Daniels and 24-Mile, so get out and enjoy them now as they are fishing really well.  Leach patterns in fall colors and intermediate lines as well as midge life cycle patterns are the ticket on all of these.


Still Waters 11/11

Chesterfield, Daniels, and Springfield reservoirs are the best of these. All are fishing very well. Midge life cycle, scud, streamer and woolly bugger patterns produce on each. Getting to Daniels Res. from the north may become difficult soon as the Dairy Creek road going southwest from Hawkins Reservoir traverses some high country. There is some fishing left in Hawkins Res. close to the dam.  Try woolly bugger types.


Still Water 11/3

No change with respect to the great fishing success and taking strategy on Chesterfield and Daniels reservoirs. Springfield is coming on with the breakup of weeds. Now wooly bugger types in fall colors will be almost as effective there as presenting midge pupa patterns.


Still Water 10/27

Chesterfield and Daniels reservoirs are the stars of the show here. Use leech patterns in fall colors and midge life cycle patterns for action. Springfield Res. is coming on, too. Same kind of flies, and fish open water around weed beds.


Still Water 10/24

Chesterfield Res. is coming on strong to share the spotlight with Daniels Res. Don’t overlook Springfield: it is also producing. Use fall color leeches on all these. And midge pupa under indicators will also produce on each of these. Hawkins and Twenty-four Mile suffer from draw-down, so mud flats are in your way of getting to water on each.