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Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake 5-11-19

Ice has been off the lake for about a week, and the flow out of the lake has been at least double of normal for about a month.  This suggests that a good fishing season is coming up for the river through the Nature Conservancy’s Flat Ranch Preserve.


South Fork 5-11-2019

Flow out of Palisades has been stable for several days at 11800 cfs  (12600 cfs at Heise). That’s just about the normal for this time of year.  River is not yet very clear.  Might be from tributary run-off. Rubber Legs, San Juan Worm, and streamer patterns still working best.  BWOs are out, and some fish are on them.


Henry’s Fork 5-7-19

Today’s weather makes for near ideal BWO activity on the lower river. Cool, cloudy with threat of storms and minimal (so far) wind are on-going.  These low light conditions are also great for presenting streamers.  So today offers something for fly-fishing enthusiasts near opposite ends of the line type (floating-sink tip) spectrum. You may have a great time fishing this PM on the river between Warm River and Chester if you can break away!


Still Waters 5-7-19

Both Hawkins and Daniels Reservoirs are offering good results because of chironomid activity and responding trout.  Find the taking depth and you will be in for good fishing.  When there are several rises around same time, that tips off that you should begin by placing that midge pupa pattern just under a strike indicator.


South Fork 5-7-19

Flow out of Palisades Dam was cut to 11800 cfs ( now 13000 cfs at Heise) yesterday to meet flood control protocol.  It’s also a good flow for bringing on fly-fishing success.  All that’s needed now is for water to warm up a bit to bring on more aquatic insect activity.  So for now continue presenting  big rubber leg,  small bead head nymph around riffles, and streamer patterns.


Henry’s Fork 5-4-19

Wind has been the big problem here. Afternoons when BWOs, March browns and caddis kick in is usually the windiest time of day.  When wind really gets going these bugs tend not to hatch in number. Before wind rises to bad levels, pitch streamers and any kind of weighted bug that imitates a stonefly nymph. These are not much more than several days away from beginning to move on the lower river, so consider building a stock of your favorite patterns that imitate them.


South Fork 5-4-19

Flow out of Palisades Reservoir is dropping ( currently 13700 cfs at Irwin, 14100 cfs at Heise) ) to almost summer levels. Water is quite cold, so hatches are pretty much limited to midges. Best chances for action comes through presenting streamers, egg patterns, and big rubberleg bugs. No where near as many anglers are here as on the Henry’s Fork from Ashton Dam to Chester ( Want to really see crowds there? Wait’ll the stoneflies kick in!). So you have a better chance of tranquility by trying the South Fork these days.


Still Waters 5-4-19

As suggested in the last fishing report, here is IDF&G’s  target Southeast Idaho District fish stocking plan.  Most of the plan is for stocking still waters, but some streams are also targeted.  Currently Daniels Reservoir offers the best fishing in the District thanks to the active chironomid population. The Dairy Creek road is open and the reservoir has near capacity pool. Hawkins Reservoir  also offers good fishing, but is more crowded than Daniels. No word yet on how fishing at Chesterfield Reservoir is doing.

Fish Stocking Forecasts | Idaho Fish and Game


Body of Water Week To Be Stocked Number To Be Stocked
Bear River Below Oneida Dam  Apr 29-May 3 1500
Crystal Springs Pond Apr 29-May 3 375
Deep Creek Reservoir Apr 29-May 3 3990
East Fork Rock Creek Apr 29-May 3 500
Hawkins Reservoir Apr 29-May 3 840
Trout Creek Apr 29-May 3 2000
Bannock Reservoir May 6-10 500
Devils Creek Reservoir May 6-10 2160
Edson Fichter Pond May 6-10 625
Montpelier Reservoir May 6-10 3500
Portneuf River  May 6-10 330
Upper Pleasantview Reservoir May 6-10 1500
Dingle Gravel Pond May 13-17 500
Kelly Park Pond May 13-17 250
McTucker Pond May 13-17 750
Rose Pond May 13-17 1000
Weston Creek Reservoir May 13-17 1500
Bannock Reservoir May 20-24 500
Bear River Below Oneida Dam  May 20-24 1500
Blackfoot River  May 20-24 1000
Crowthers Reservoir May 20-24 1100
Crystal Springs Pond May 20-24 375
Cub River  May 20-24 500
Dingle Gravel Pond May 20-24 500
Edson Fichter Pond May 20-24 625
Kelly Park Pond May 20-24 250
Little Valley Reservoir May 20-24 1000
Mill Creek May 20-24 250
Montpelier Rearing Pond May 20-24 250
Portneuf River  May 20-24 330
Bloomington Creek May 27-31 200
Cherry Creek May 27-31 100
Montpelier Rearing Pond May 27-31 250
Paris Creek May 27-31 250
Pebble Creek May 27-31 500
Snake River  May 27-31 4000
Snake River  May 27-31 1000
Topance Creek May 27-31 750

South Fork 4-30-19

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped from just under 18000 cfs to 14900 cfs yesterday. Palisades Reservoir is about 60 % full, and the run-off peak is yet to come.  So the South Fork will be high and wild for weeks to come.  If you plan on fishing it, go heavy on those weighted nymphs and streamers.


Still Waters 4-30-19

May is the time of year the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDF&G) begins their widespread stocking program. Roads are shaping up to the point that they can access many relatively remote still waters, and this action helps answer public demand for fishing which climbs with improving weather.  The  IDF&G stocking program seems to focus mainly on still waters, but certain streams receive a share. Rainbow trout are the usual salmonid stocked in the Upper Snake Region. The table below, taken from recent IDF&G stocking records, shows the where and when target these rainbow trout will be placed in the Upper Snake River Region.

Body of Water Week To Be Stocked Number To Be Stocked
Birch Creek Apr 29-May 3 2375
Mackay Reservoir Apr 29-May 3 2100
Rexburg City Ponds Apr 29-May 3 600
Ryder Park Pond Apr 29-May 3 750
Ryder Park Riverside Pond Apr 29-May 3 750
Snake River Apr 29-May 3 1200
Teton River Apr 29-May 3 1000
Buffalo River May 6-10 1000
East Harriman Fish Pond May 6-10 1500
East Harriman Fish Pond May 6-10 1500
Henrys Fork May 6-10 2500
Ririe Reservoir May 6-10 6700
Trail Creek Pond May 6-10 400
Warm River May 6-10 450
Henrys Fork May 13-17 2500
Island Park Reservoir May 13-17 9600
Ryder Park Pond May 13-17 750
Ryder Park Riverside Pond May 13-17 750
Birch Creek May 20-24 2375
Blue Creek Reservoir May 20-24 2000
Henrys Fork River May 20-24 2500
Mackay Reservoir May 20-24 2100
Sand Creek WMA Pond #1 May 20-24 3500
Sand Creek WMA Pond #4 May 20-24 2700
Willow Creek May 20-24 500
Henrys Fork May 27-31 2500
Horseshoe Lake May 27-31 2000
Jim Moore Pond May 27-31 1800
Snake River May 27-31 1200
Snow Creek Pond May 27-31 800
Warm River May 27-31 450

In our next fishing report, we will pass on the same stocking information for IDF&G’s Southeast Idaho Region.