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Henry’s Fork

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Henry’s Fork 6-04-09

Giant stoneflies are crawling in Box Canyon, and adults are emerging from there on down to Warm River. Current problem is the cool, rainy weather is keeping them from flying and laying eggs.  You can see bugs laying low almost everywhere.  When skies clear, the sun comes out, and they warm up, there will be some GREAT fishing with those big floating patterns.  Don’t be concerned so much  with “which pattern to use”, be more concerned with putting them in the right location such as around stream banks, overhangs, rocks, and logs.  It’s been a while since nymphs have been available at locations in Cardiac Canyon (Hatchery Ford, Mesa Falls, Bear Gulch ), so when adults become active here, you will want to be at one of these whether you float through or walk in.  Bring caddis life cycle patterns to these locations as fish will respond to them too.  PMDs are showing in good numbers on the lower river, so add them to the BWOs, caddis and golden stones for attracting feeding trout.


Henry’s Fork 6-1-09

The giant stonefly emergence remains the big event here.  Adults are flying along the middle river (Riverside to Warm River) and should offer some good dry fly fishing.   Any day now adults should show in the Box Canyon.  On the lower river these bugs have emerged all they are going to, but golden stones are coming on.   No PMDs yet on the upper river, but there are March browns and caddis.

Please pay some thought to the incident at what we know as the Seely access we described in our 5-26-09 fishing report for the Henry’s Fork.  The new landowner is rightfully unhappy with the drift boat take out incidents that happened at the turn-around because those two acts are not only illegal, but damaged the spring between it and the river.  He has every right to close access here and may do so if this incident is repeated.  Please pass the word around that this is a possibility that could impact availability of a popular and excellent reach of the river.  You can spread the word that use of this access for float fishing is not legal.   If you use this access and see the landowner, you can score some points by thanking him for allowing trespass and by letting him know that you will tell other anglers that using his land for float fishing in put or take out is illegal.


Henry’s Fork 5-28-09

Stonefly emergence has moved into Cardiac Canyon.  So don’t overlook such as Bear Gulch, the Mesa Falls area, and Hatchery Ford. There will be some great action coming up somewhere around these places whether you float through or walk-in and wade.  Warm River to Ashton is a good option for dry fly fishing, so bring your favorite adult stonefly patterns.  The Grandview boat slide remains open until this fall, so using it to float to Warm River area is an option.  Don’t overlook PM caddis emergences in the canyon.  PMD’s are beginning to emerge on the lower river from Ashton Dam to Chester.   Below Chester, the river is high and discolored and will stay that way until Fall River run-off subsides.


Henry’s Fork 5-27-09

We continue to get great reports from the Henry’s Fork and the fishing. The stonefly hatch is moving up the river and people have been reported fish eating stonefly adults from Warm River down to Chester Dam.  We received a email from a customer who had run into the owner of the Henry’s Fork Ranch, which is the Seely’s access below the Vernon Boat Ramp.  We have been asked to pass this information and we feel it is important. This is what he had to say:

The owner of the Henry’s Fork Ranch visited with me Monday morning & wanted me to notify as many as I could about the parking arrangement at the end of his driveway just upriver from Chester ( The old Seely Boat Ramp) … Bill said on Sunday that two Drift Boats were drug up the bank & loaded at this location making a mess out of the natural spring that flows into the river there. He wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t mind the parking as long as it doesn’t become a problem.  However launching, & retrieving your boat from this site is prohibited.  He mentioned if this misuse continues he will no longer allow parking. I think that it is sad to still hear & see people who abuse the good nature of the land owners private, or public. When I talk to, or hear from those who criticize, & complain about the land owners who deny access to Public lands or River/ Water shed access via Private lands, I laugh & tell them that we ( Sportspersons & Anglers ) are loosing more & more access every year through the thoughtless actions, poor decisions, & negative behavior of a few individuals who obviously could care less about good Stewardship, & Ethical Sportsman like conduct. Such disregard  is the main reason we are suffering loss of access & will continue to suffer.

Here at Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler we know that none of our customers would be guilty of activities that could deny future access.  We also know that our customers love to fish, and they are always on the water. We would like you ask you all to help protect our privileges from these generous land owners, and help us educated individuals who are not aware of these regulations, rules and land owner points of view. To make our stance clear on this situation we are not advising you to get into a physical confrontation.  We are only asking you all to help us educate others by informing them in a appropriate, tactful manner. Always feel free to contact land owners or the proper authorities, especialy if you feel uncomfortable. Remember that common sense and courtesy go a long way on the river and may even sustain the access you need to enjoy it.


Henry’s Fork 5-26-09

Salmon Fly Adult

There Here!

You can find these guys crawling around the lower Henry’s Fork and expect to see these guys starting to move up the canyon above warm river. The Box did not have any nymphs staging yet, expect them to be moving this week. Use the Hummer stone, Improved Sofa Pillow, or a Rolling Stone all in a size 4. Caddis are hatching as well, the Harrops Grey CDC Caddis was working very well this weekend. Nymphing is still a good option as well. A #4 rubberleg with a beadhead dropper. As more people continue to fish on the river remember common sense and a little courtesy goes a long ways. Be sure to call the shop for an up to the minute fishing report.


Henry’s Fork 5-25-09

Stoneflies are out in force below Ashton Dam.  Up to now, big nymph imitations have brought best success, but some fish are beginning to take dries.   From Warm River to Ashton, fish are responding well to big stonefly nymphs.  Look for fish to begin taking dries here later this week.  Don’t forget that caddis life cycle patterns will work well.  Flows above and below Ashton Dam are a bit above normal but constant. The river is a bit discolored from Warm River to Ashton, but not enough to impact fishing.   Box Canyon remains a bit slow, but a few fish are responding to deep nymphs and streamers.  No stonefly nymphs moving in significant numbers to date.  Fall River run-off still makes for poor fishing below Chester Dam unless you have a boat and are willing to fish deep.


Henry’s Fork 05-23-09

In the last couple of days the big stonefly nymphs have crawled out of the river from Ashton dam down to the Chester area. The dry fly fishing should start now but it might take a day or two for the fish to get on the big dries. The hatch will move upstream now before reaching box canyon in a week or so. We are going fishing for a couple of days so we’ll have some good information on Tuesday.


Henry’s Fork 5-21-09

Big stonefly nymphs are beginning to move on the lower river.   We have reports from folks seeing a few nymphs here and there from Warm River to top of Chester backwaters.  That bodes well for this weekend if one enjoys pithcing big stonefly nymphs.  Use sink tip lines, and try your favorite giant stonefly nymph pattern. Don’t forget that caddis life cycle patterns could also be effective, especially later in the day.  Although likely that it will be crowded, don’t overlook Box Canyon.  Both caddis life cycle and big stonefly nymphs could be effective here.


Henry’s Fork 5-18-09

Fall River has gone up to around 2500 cfs and likely will go higher today.  This means the Henry’s Fork below Chester Dam is not the place to fish for now because of high, cold, and roily water.  Now for the river above.  Flows below the Ashton Dam are stable but a bit higher than normal.  Above Ashton Reservoir some run-off is coming in from Robinson Creek.  We tried the river just below Vernon Bridge (second bridge below Ashton Dam) Saturday.  San Juan worms and big rubber legs worked well when fished deep.  We DID NOT see giant stonefly nymphs along stream edges.  Most likely that should begin in significant numbers late this week.  Nevertheless, because we did well on the big rubberlegs patterns there must be some nymphs available to fish in deeper water.  We’ll pass on any more info we have on the Henry’s Fork stonefly emergence before Memorial Day weekend.


Henry’s Fork 5-14-09

It’s a bit early for big stoneflies to be moving. Give a week or so and the nymphs will begin showing up in good numbers along shorelines above the Chester backwaters.  We’ll place info here on the stonefly hatch progress as soon as we receive it.  Right now the river below Chester Dam-Fall River confluence is not good fishing because of Fall river’s run-off.  Upstream there is some discolor especially above Ashton Reservoir. Currently nymphing and presenting streamers is the best way to find action almost everywhere the river is open to fishing above Chester.