South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Henry’s Fork (Page 52)

Henry’s Fork 8/11

Terrestrial patterns close to the banks is the best way to fishing success throughout the river these mid summer days. Early in the days and evenings are best times. Also look for some action from evening caddis swarms.


Henry’s Fork 8/8

It’s the “Dog Days” of August, so things are slowing down throughout the river. A few small PMDs and some speckled duns are on the water as well as caddis. Terrestrial patterns bring the best chance for action with mornings and evening being the best times on the river.


Henry’s Fork 8/4

We are in the dog days, and action is slowing a bit. But terrestrials are saving the day. Fish ’em tight to the banks and as drift-free as possible. This applies up and down the river. We all think “hoppers” this time of year, but think also ants, beetles, crickets, etc.


Henry’s Fork 7/31

Stick to early AMs for action from rusty spinner falls and nymphs. do those “honey-dos” during mid day. Come back in the evenings to enjoy action from caddis and nymphs again. An exception would be to present hopper tight towards the banks and cover during daytime.


Henry’s Fork 7/28

Action is slowing down just about everywhere along the river as we enter the summer dog days. But don’t let this stop you from trying a hopper or other terrestrial pattern. The evening caddis emergence makes for evening action, and rusty spinners provide the same early in the day Also look for speckled duns to become important on the Last Chance-Harriman stretch.