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Small Streams 4/27/13

Birch Creek is the best option for fishing a small stream right now.   Being essentially a spring creek  in origin,  it is influenced little by run-off after snow around it is gone, such as now.  See our web site article on Birch Creek for details.  A strategy for fishing it is to present nymph and very small wooly worm patterns during the morning hours, then as the waters warm and insects (caddis, midges, BWOs) emerge during the PM hours switch to dry patterns.  Warm River is another small stream not influenced by a large amount of high country run-off.  It is open for catch and release fishing until general season begins.  Consider the same strategy as we suggest for Birch Creek for fishing it this time of the season.




Still Waters 4/27/13

Ice is off  the irrigation reservoirs in the southeast corner of the region.  Information coming in this time of year is scanty as usual, but we have reports of action at Hawkins, Treasureton, and Daniels reservoirs where small wooly bugger types are working on all three from what we are told.  Chesterfield Reservoir appears to be in the last stages of turning over, so better days fishing it are ahead.  We will keep on top of conditions on these reservoirs because of their popularity and because they will be important destinations when run-off  and increased irrigation flows impact our streams.  A carp fishing tournament is in the planning stages for mid May on Blackfoot  River Reservoir.  When we have more information on this event, we will post it here and in the shop.


South Fork 4-25

Flows have been increased on the South Fork as of yesterday. The equipment at the Dam is malfunctioning so I don’t have a reading for the actual flows from the Dam. However I have been watching the flows at Heise. and the river flows down there have increase about 1,000 cfs. We will not know the Dam flow until the equipment is fixed, but I will get you all updated as soon as I find out. Wait a few days after the flows have been increased and the fishing will pick back up.


Henry’s Fork

As with the Snake River drainage, snow pack in the Henry’s Fork drainage is at least 100% of normal.  This is more important news for the river below the  Warm River  confluence (Robinson Creek is a significant run-off stream) than above.  It suggests that Fall and Teton rivers will  be running with normal rather than less than normal run-off given that the rest of springtime is temperate or cool.  So plan your early season visit to the lower Henry’s Fork accordingly, and expect us to report on flow conditions that can influence fishing.


South Fork

Most of us have been complaining about the terrible weather our region has been experiencing lately.  That weather includes rain and snow, all blown around by cold, strong winds.   But this cloud has a great silver lining in that snow pack in the Snake River drainage is now over 100% of normal.   Here’s why we discuss this good news in the fishing report.  If you are planning a visit from outside the immediate area to fish the South Fork, 100% of normal pack this late in the snow season greatly increases the chance that the river will have flows adequate through the summer to keep water cool  for good fishing.   Of course, this must be combined with a temperate springtime that keeps water in the reservoir system longer.  It is our practice to  keep on top of  flows in the river and report them here when significant changes occur.  But adding good snow pack news this time of year gives you even more information for making plans.


South Fork 4-22

Flows have been increased to 3,700 cfs. Fishing should stabilize in a few days. Streamer fishing has been picking up and so have egg patterns. With the rainbow spawn almost ready to take off fishing glo bugs and various egg patterns this time of year is very productive. Remember to present those streamers in a slow motion for the best results.


South Fork 4-18

It appears they have leveled out the flows on the South Fork for the last 24 hours. We can’t say weather or not this will stay at this level for long. The current flows are 3,000 cfs.

With the rise of the water levels the water temp in the river has most likely dropped. Nymphing is going to be your best tactic for catching fish. Lengthen those leaders to get down where the fish are, they haven’t moved the river just got deeper is all. Glo bugs, zebra midges, BWO nymphs and stonefly nymphs are sure to hook some trout. Unless the weather starts to warm up considerably the Blue Wing Olive hatches will be sparse and non existent.


Mainstem Snake River.

Yesterday’s doubling of flow out of Palisades Dam has not impacted flow here to date and likely will have little effect.  That is because most of the new water released will go into the canal system.  So expect  streamer fishing, so popular until runoff overwhelms things, continue to be good.  Expect evenings to offer some of the best times for doing so.   Post-spawning ‘bows will respond, but there is always a chance for that brown of the season.


Big Lost 4-16

Flows are still at 100 cfs. and the fishing is great! Good Blue Wing Olive hatches right now. Look for the hatch from 11-4. Cripples and emergers have been the best patterns for fooling fish. We don’t know when the water will go up on the Big Lost, however this river is accessible by wading up to 300 cfs.


Henry’s Fork 4-16

Fishing is good and picking up. We had great reports of Blue Wing Olive hatches this weekend and I have been told the Mother’s Day Caddis are hatching! The Streamer action is also picking up. Right now is personally my favorite time to fish the Henry’s Fork. Nymphing is also good with stonefly nymphs and a variety of caddis, mayfly and midge nymphs.